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Q: How will you determine the value of constants k and c of a tachometer?
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How do you determine that a function is quadratic function?

It can be written in the form y = ax2 + bx + c where a, b and c are constants and a ≠ 0

Coding constants in c?

Coding constants in c means writing the constants in a certain way that the c language understands.

Differentiate between C Constants and C variables?

A constant value cannot be changed once set. A variable can be changed whenever you want.

What is the definition of symbolic constants in c language?

constants are values that does not chnage through out the program exceution..

What is consonants in c language?

I think you mean constants. A constant is a variable that can not have its value changed at run time eg. const int a = 100;

Determine the value of c that makes the trinomial a perfect square x to the power of 2 plus 8x plus c show your work?

Think of it in reverse - trying to get it in the form of (x + a)2 This equals x2 + 2ax + a2 Compare the coefficients&constants to those of the original equation: x2 + 8x + c = x2 + 2ax + a2 2a = 8 and c = a2 a = 4, so c = 16

What are enumerations in C?

Enumerations are groups of named constants.

Determine the value of P if a = 3 ; b= -2 ; c = -4?


What has the author Francis J C Rossotti written?

Francis J. C. Rossotti has written: 'The determination of stability constants, and other equilibriumconstants in solution' 'The determination of stability constants'

What are functions in c language?

constants, MAX_(function), etc.

How can you determine if a linear relationship is a direct variation from an equation?

Suppose the variables are X and Y and the equation can be written in either of the following equivalent forms: bY = aX or aX - bY = 0 or Y/X = c where a, b and c are non-zero constants.

How string constants are declared in c?

Some strings are constants, others aren't; some constants are strings, other aren't. So these are unrelated things. Examples: "text" -- constant string 123 -- constant number char s[40] -- variable string