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Q: How will you multiply the different indexes?
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Why are the body mass indexes in different from the standard indexes set by the world organization?


How are the Composite Indexes made?

The government indexes are made by averaging the behavior of the different indicator series that make up each composite series.

What type of stock indexes are there?

There are indexes that cut across industries; there are indexes that deal with one industry only. Indexes include varying numbers of stocks.

What is a good sentence for indexes?

I have a lot of indexes in my book

What are some of the factors that go into a stock index?

Factors that might be used in several indexes may be given different weights in each index. Many market indexes will, at times, provide the same, or similar, assessments.

When you have two different exponents do you add them or multiply them?


How micro-organism multiply?

Microorganisms multiply in a few different ways. They can multiply using binary fission, mitosis and meiosis. Different organisms use different ways.

When was Dow Jones Indexes created?

Dow Jones Indexes was created in 1882.

What are the most commonly used price indexes?

what are the most commonly used price indexes

Why does a prism cause white light to separate into the spectrum?

Because different colours have different have speeds in a prism , as refractive index depends on speed of the object therefore different colours have different refractive indexes

When your trying to find the area of a shape should you add or multiply?

Multiply. Be careful what you multiply because different shapes have different rules. Squares are different than triangles, are different than circles, etc. Adding gives you a perimeter.

What order is used organize most indexes?