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(xy - 4) ^2 + (2x+2y)^2

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How would (x(2) plus 4)(y(2) plus 4) be rewritten using two squares?
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It cannot be, unless you use extremely complicated fractions.

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How can this be factorized x2 plus 1?

That expression can't actually be factored without using complex numbers. If you want to use complex numbers, then it would come out as a "difference of squares":(x + i)(x - i)

How do you write an equivalent expression using the communative property with 11 plus ab?

Using the communative property of both addition and multiplication, 11+ab could be rewritten as ab+11, 11+ba or ba+11.

Which of these formulas is correctly rewritten from a equals 2bc plus d to solve for b?


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What makes x2 plus 7x plus c a perfect squares?

c = 12.25

Is c plus plus a platform independent language?

No. Programs written for one platform will been to at least be recompiled, if not rewritten, to run on a different platform.

How do you factor 121a2 plus 144b2?

There is a formula for the difference of two squares. The sum of two squares doesn't factor.

How do you turn one square into four squares?

U turn a square into four squares by making a plus sign

Plus 12 plus -13 plus plus 1?

Plus 12 plus -13 plus plus 1 can be rewritten in mathematical terms as: 12+(-13)+1 or 12-13+1 12-13+1 =-1+1 =0

How do you solve bsquared plus 5b plus 1 using factoring using factor and sum?

b-squared plus 5b plus 1 is an expression: not an equation or inequality. There is, therefore, nothing that can be solved. Second, the expression does not have real factors. It makes no sense to use product (factor) and sum to find complex factors. Using the quadratic formula or completing the squares are far simpler.

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