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one centemeter 12 kilometers

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Q: How would 1cm 12km be written in words?
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What is the equivalent to 1 centimeter?

* 1cm = 10mm * 1cm = 10000um * 1cm = 0.01m * 1cm = 1'000'000nm * 1cm = 0.00001km * 1cm = 1'000'000'000pm

If a ruler is 33 millimeters in lenght what would that equal in centimeters?

1cm=10mm/10mm=1cm So, 33mm=3.3cm

Why should ratio be written in the same unit?

Because the ratio would;t be correct. Look at this example. What is the ratio of 1cm to 1 metre? If you went by these measurements you would get 1:1 which means 1cm is the same as 1 metre., which is false. The correct answer means comparing 1cm with 100cm (or 1 metre) which is 1:100. So it's really important with ratios that the units are the same.

Is 12km the same as 12,000,000 mm?

1km is equal to 1000m or 10 to the power 3 m 1m is equal to 100cm or 10 to the power 2 cm 1cm is equal to 10mm Therefore, 1 km will be equal to 1000 x 100 x 10 = 1000000 or a million mm So, 12 km is equal to 12 million mm

Which map would be bigger in size one map to scale of 1cm equals 100km or another map drawn to scale 1cm equals 50km?

The map drawn to a scale of 1cm=50cm

Which is greater 1mm or 1cm?


What is the length of 1cm cube?


What size is 1cm?

1cm = 10mm

Which is bigger 14 mm or 1cm?

1cm = 10mm. So 14mm > 1cm.

How many squares 1cm by 1cm can fit in a square 2.8cm by 2.8cm?

4 - without cutting the 1cm x 1cm squares.

What is a centicube?

A centicube is a cube measuring 1cm x 1cm x 1cm or 1cm3

How long is a centimeter is?

A centimeter is a metric measurement. Below are some conversions. (cm is the abbreviation for centimeter.) 1cm = 10 mm 1cm = 0.1 dm 1cm = 0.01 m 1cm = 0.001 dkm 1cm = 0.0001 hm 1cm = 0.00001 km 1cm = roughly 0.4 in

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