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Squares are rectangles so the formula for area will stay the same.

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Q: How would finding the area of a square be the as finding the area of a rectangle?
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How does finding the area relate to multiplication?

Finding area involves finding how many square units will fit in the shape. If it is a rectangle, then the length times the width will give you the number of square units that will fit in the shape, (e.g., a 4 foot wide by 8 foot long rectangle would fit 32 square feet in the shape).

Can a square and a rectangle have the same area?

Yes. For example, a 4x4 square would have an area of 16 units squared. A 2x8 rectangle would also have an area of 16 units squared. Also, every rectangle is a square too though every square is not a rectangle. So, a 4x4 square is also a rectangle which means both have the same area.

If a rectangle has a base and length of 6 inches.Its area is how many square inches?

It would have an area of 36 sq. inches. The formula for finding the area of a rectangle is length times width. 6*6=36.

What is the formula of finding an area?

in finding the area if a square or rectangle multiply the length and width, for a triangle, multiply length and width divided by two.

How is finding a square the same as finding the area of square?

no to square a number is to multiply the number by itself. I.E. 3 x 3= 9 or 4x4= 16 finding the area of a squat is to multiply the length by the width of a geometrical square/rectangle.

Formula for finding the area of a rectangle?

Area of a rectangle = (length of the rectangle) multiplied by (width of the rectangle)

What the formula for finding the area of a rectangle?

Area of a rectangle: a = l * w

What two dimensions are multiplied when finding the area of a rectangle?

the two dimensions that are multiplied are the top long layer and one of the sides to figure out your area of your rectangle and square

Would the area of a rectangle be given in centimeters or square centimeters?

square centimeters

Which has the greater area a 7-by-9-meter rectangle or a square with a side of 8 meters?

The square will have an area of 64 sq m while the rectangle will have an area of 63 sq m

What is the area in square inches of a rectangle that is 5 feet by 7 feet?

The rectangle is 35 square feet, which would be 5,040 square inches

What does a Area of a square or rectangle equal?

area of a square

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