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The other two angles would be acute angles

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Q: How would triangle look like with a right angle or a obtuse angle?
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If two of a triangle angles measure 42 degrees 48 degrees how would you classify that triangle?

acute , obtuse obtuse or right angle

Why can't an obtuse triangle not have a right angle?

Because an obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees by definition and a right angle is 90 degrees by definition, so an obtuse triangle would need to have both a right angle and an obtuse angle, which would exceed the number of degrees than a triangle can have, which is 180 degrees.

Does a triangle have 2 obtuse angles and 1 right angle?

No that would be impossible but it can have 2 acute angles and 1 right angle which would be a right angle triangle

Does a triangle have 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles?

That would be an obtuse triangle.

Are the exterior angles of a scalene triangle always obtuse?

No, they are not always obtuse, because a scalene triangle can also sometimes be an obtuse triangle (meaning that one interior angle is obtuse), making one exterior angle acute. Scalene triangles also can be a right triangles (meaning that one interior angle is a right angle), which would make an exterior angle a right angle. Then also they can be acute triangles, in this case all 3 exterior angles are obtuse.

Explain Why can't a right triangle can't have an obtuse angle in it?

Because the 3 angles in a right angle triangle add up to 180 degrees and if an obtuse angle was included then they would add up to over 189 degrees.

Why construction of a triangle with right angle and another obtuse angle is not possible?

Because the 3 interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees no more and no less but a right angle plus an obtuse angle would be over 180 degrees.

Why is it impossible for a right triangle to have an obtuse angle?

because an obtuse ange has to be OVER 90 degrese. and a right angle is 90 degrese no matter what because a right angle is 90% and an obtuse is bigger than 90% it is impossible because a triangle only has three angles 1 angle is a right angle, 90 degrees another angle is an acute angle another angle is an acute angle an obtuse angle is an angle more than 90 degrees if you had an obtuse angle, then two of your angles would add up to 180 degrees already. it is a rule that the three angles of a triangle HAVE TO had up to 180 degrees exactly, so if you had an obtuse angle, the angles would add up to more than 180 degrees.

It has 1 angle greater than a right angle?

That would be an obtuse triangle. In standard euclidean space any triangle with one angle greater than 90 degrees (a right triangle) is an obtuse triangle, and any triangle where none of the angles is 90 degrees or more is an acute triangle.Of course, polygons with more than three sides are apt to have any number of right, acute and/or obtuse angles.

What angles does a obtuse triangle need so it could be a obtuse triangle?

It needs at least 1 obtuse angle. Usually you can only have one obtuse angle, so the rest would be acute.

Which triangle has two acute angles and one obtuse angle?

If you are classifying triangles by their angles, an obtuse triangle has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. A triangle can have at most one obtuse angle. If the two acute angles are congruent, the triangle would also be isosceles.

Why do know that a right triangle has no obtuse interior angles?

All triangles have interior angles that add to 180 degrees. Let's call the 3 angles A,B, and C and angles A the 90 degree one. If 90+B+C=180. If angle B was the angle greater than 90 degrees (obtuse) then C would be 0 or negative degrees. Therefore, a right triangle can't have an obtuse interior angle. Sum of all angles in a triangle is 180o. In a right triangle one angle is 90o and other two angles sum up to 90o. A right triangle can't have an obtuse angle because obtuse angle is greater than 90o. So, sum of the two angles(right angle and obtuse angle) will be greater than 180o which is not possible.

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