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Take the number of centimeters, move the decimal point 2 places this way <--- and you have meters.

Take the number of meters, move the decimal point 2 places that way ---> and you have centimeters.

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Q: How would you convert centimeters to meters?
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What number would you use to convert centimeters to meters?

In order to convert centimeters in to meters the number needs to be divided by 10. Converting 100 centimeters into meters is 100/10=10. The reverse is done to convert meters into centimeters.

How you do convert meters to centimeters?

Meters x 100 = centimeters

How would you convert 4.37 centimeters to meters?

The centi- prefix means 1/100, so divide 4.37 centimeters by 100 to convert it to meters.

How do you convert 0.78m to cm?

.78 meters = 78 centimeters To convert meters to centimeters, multiply the meters by 100.

How do you add measurements?

You have to make sure the units are the same. You cannot add meters and centimeters, for example. You would have to either convert meters to centimeters, or centimeters to meters.

What is convert meters to centimeters?

330 centimeters.

How do you convert meters into centimeters?

1 meter = 100 centimeters. So to convert meters into centimeters, just Multiply by 100.

Convert 30.48 centimeters to meters?

30.48 centimeters=0.3048 meters

Convert 659 meters to centimeters?

659 meters=65,900 centimeters

Convert 2000 meters into centimeters?

2,000 meters = 200,000 centimeters

Convert 234 centimeters into meters?

234 centimeters = 2.34 meters

Convert 0.6 meters into centimeters?

0.6 meters = 60 centimeters

Convert 768 centimeters to meters?

768 centimeters = 7.68 meters

Convert 1.7 meters to centimeters?

1.7 meters = 170 centimeters

What do you multiply centimeters by to get meters?

To convert centimeters to meters, multiply by 0.01

How do you convert square centimeters to square meters?

You divide by 100. if you have 1000 square centimeters, it would be 10 square meters...

Convert 225 centimeters to meters millimeters and kilometers?

convert 225 centimeters to meters, millimeters and kilometers

How do you convert centimeters and decemeters to meters?

To convert to meters, x10-2 for centimeters and x10-1 for decimeters.

How many meters are in a square centimeters?

You can't convert that. One is a unit of length, the other, of area. You can convert meters to centimeters, square meters to square centimeters, or cubic meters to cubic centimeters.

How do you convert meters and centimeters to feet and inches in C?

There are about 2.5 centimeters in one inch. Convert the meters to centimeters and divide that by 2.5

How many meters are in 8926 centimeters?

To convert from centimeters to meters, divide by 100.

Could you convert 0.078 meters into centimeters?

0.078 meters = 7.8 centimeters

How do you convert from centimeters into meters?

Divide the number of centimeters by 100 to get the number of meters.

What is the answer if you convert 354 centimeters to meters?

354 centimeters equal 3.54 meters

How do you convert 590 centimeters to meters?

To convert from centimeters to meters merely divide by 100 590/100 = 5.9m