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First, it doesn't need to be a world problem. Think small. We solve problems every day! Use an example of a small-- but important-- "problem" that affected you, your family, your friends, your employer.


  1. Well, I had trouble getting up on time. I never heard my alarm clock, even though it sat right beside the bed. After missing the bus several times (which made dad mad because he had to drive me to school), I moved my clock across the room and put the volume on high. Now, I have to physically get up to turn it off and I'm less likely to go back to sleep.
  2. We came home one day to find we forgot to let the dog back into the house. He was chained up, but had no water for several hours. This was unacceptable-- we are responsible dog owners. So I asked my grandma to knit a Door Knob covering with felt dog ears, buttons for eyes, etc. When the dog is in the house, the cover sits on a peg on the wall. If outside, the cover is put on the door knob. If we try to leave the house, the door knob cover reminds us to check "Who put the dog out?" Skippy has not been left outside unintentionally since then.
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Q: How would you describe a problem and how you solved it?
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