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Q: How would you describe a snowman?
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Is there a word that starts with a to describe a snowman?


What are some adjectives to describe a snowman that begin with U?


What snowman do you sing about for Christmas?

That snowman would be Frosty.

Would a snowman be considered a chemical change?


How would particles from a snowman end up in the ocean?

how might the particles that make up a snowman end up in the ocean

If i build a snowman in someone else's garden who owns the snowman?

If I build a snowman in someone else's garden who owns the snowman is a good question. Probably you do, since snow is a natural phenomenon that falls everywhere and it would be difficult for the other person to claim it as their property by law just because it happened to be in their garden. However, the craftsmanship and artistry that you'd put into building the snowman would mean that it was your own creative work, and so it would probably belong to you.

Why did the snowman never get married?

Because he would melt in the spring.

What would you if your snowman became alive?

I'd be very surprised.

What do you call a snowman who refuses to melt?

You could call a snowman who refuses to melt a "resilient snowman" or a "stubborn snowman."

What are some adjectives that describe a snowman and begin with the letter Y?


Can a snowman survive in the desert?

It depends upon the desert and season of the year. A snowman could survive almost indefinitely in Antarctica. A snowman would only survive a few short hours in the Mojave or Sahara during the summer.

Who was the narrator in the snowman?

There was No narrator in "The Snowman" Jimmy Durante was the narrator in Frosty the Snowman