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It means that if you flip the figure over, you get the same figure again.

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Q: How would you explain to someone what it means for a figure to have reflection symmetry?
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What figure has reflection symmetry and line symmetry?


What is called a figure that reflects?

A line of symmetry is a reflection.

What is linear symmetry?

A figure has linear symmetry when after reflection, the image looks exactly the same as the original

What is a figure that is not changed by a horizontal reflection or a translation?

No figure is changed by a translation so the last part of the question is irrelevant. Any figure with a horizontal line of symmetry will not be changed by a horizontal reflection.

What is the property of a figure that can be reflected across a line so that the image coincides with the pre image?

The property is Reflection Symmetry, Line Symmetry or Mirror Symmetry

How do you figure out lines of symmetry?

Think of the line of symmetry as a mirror (indeed try using a small hand rectangular hand mirror). a symmetry either side of a line is like a reflection of one side in the mirror.

When a figure can be folded on a line so that its two parts are congruent?

symmetry? lines of symmetry? something of the sort, i believe..why am i answering this? someone hit me

How do you tell if something has rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry if you can turn it about a figure.

What is the line that divides a figure into two matching parts?

It is a line of symmetry.

If a figure has rotational symmetry does it have line symmetry?


What is a figure that has point symmetry but not line symmetry?

The letters S and N have point symmetry but not line symmetry.

What geometric figure does not have a line of symmetry?

A parallelogram does not have a line of symmetry.