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4aa-bb fits the special type of polynomial in the form of x**2-y**2 which can be rewritten as (x-y)(x+y)

sqrt(4aa) = 2a

sqrt(bb) = b


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Q: How would you factor the polynomial 4A squared minus B squared?
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How do you factor the expression x squared minus 2?

The polynomial is not factorable with rational numbers. If you want to use irrational numbers it would be x minus the square root of 2 times x plus the square root of 2.

How would you factor 12n squared minus 18n?

6n(2n - 3)

How would you factor -6x squared minus 11x minus 4?

The factors are -1(2x + 1)(3x + 4)

How would you factor 64 w squared minus 49?

(8w + 7)(8w - 7)

Would you please factor 4x squared minus 2x minus 12?

(2x - 4)(2x + 3) The key is to look for all the factor pairs of 12.

How do you factor the polynomial 2x 16?

Depending on the missing operational sign, that would be 2(x plus or minus 8)

What is the factor of the polynomial expressions of 2x 16?

Depending on the missing operational sign, that would be 2(x plus or minus 8)

How would you factor x4-2?

(x squared plus the square root of 2) times (x squared minus the square root of 2).

How would you factor 12n squared plus 4n cubed minus 7n?

n(2n - 1)(2n + 7)

How would you factor the polynomial Aยฒ - Bยฒ?


Factor x squared minus y squared?

( x - y )2There isn't enough information to answer this question because they have two squared variables and you do not know what is being squared. You would first need to either know the value of one of the variables and an equation of the value of both of the variables before you would be able to factor.

How would you factor 2x squared plus 72?

x sq equalls 36 and x equalls plus or minus 6

How do you factor 14x squared minus 7x to the 3rd power?

I suppose that would be 14x2 - 7x3. Just take out the common factor, 7x2. Divide each term by this factor to find the other factor.

Would you factor x squared minus x plus 9 by factoring?

The discriminant of this quadratic expression is less than zero therefore it cannot be factored.

How would you factor the polynomial a2-b2?

a2-b2 = (a-b)(a+b)

How would you factor the polynomial C2 - D2?

(c + d)(c - d)

What is x-squared minus 2 x plus 15?

It is impossible but if it were x squared plus 2x minus 15 the equation would be (x+5) (x-3) with x being equal to either -5 or 3. If the original problem was x squared minus 2x minus 15 the equation would be (x-5)(x+3) and x would be equal to either 5 or -3

Which values of x would make a polynomial equal to zero if the factors of the polynomial were and?

Set each factor, in turn, equal to zero and solve for x.

X squared plus 12X minus 35?

If that were + 35, it would factor to (x + 5)(x + 7) As it is, it doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic formula, we find two real solutions: -6 plus or minus the square root of 71 x = 2.426149773176359 x = -14.426149773176359

How would you factor 8x2 - xy - 7y2 The 2 after the x and y are the squares. so its 8x squared - xy - 7y squared.?

You can factor this multivariate polynomial (a polynomial with several variables, here x and y), by looking at it as a univariate polynomial in either x or y. This would give you a simple second order equation of the form ax2+bx+c, which you can solve. This will give you 2 solutions, say x1 and x2, and can then factor your polynomial to a(x-x1)(x-x2). In our case: a=8, b=-y and c=-7y2 and the solutions for this equation are x1=y and x2=-7/8*y and this gives us 8x2 - xy -7y2 = 8(x-y)(x+7/8y) = (x-y)(8x+7y)

How would you write k squared minus 11?

k2 - 11

What would you do if the equation had x squared or x cubed in the polynomial equation?

It depends on what you wanted to do - graph it, solve it, factorise it, etc.

What would go first 2x or 2x squared?

When writing a polynomial, the term with the highest power usually goes first: 2x2+2x The 2x squared goes first.

How would you factor x squared plus 3x minus 10?

X2 + 3x - 10What two factors of - 10 add up to 3 ?(x + 5)(x - 2)===========

How do you write a polynomial?

depending on your number's you plug them in differently.there is no real formula or equation for writing a polynomial.let's say you have the number; 8. & the variable; x(squared).you would get the polynomial: 8x(squared).you're pretty much just placing the number & variable together.hope that helped!(: