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Eight Hundred and Fifty Quadrillion, Got that amount of money in my pocket right now

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Q: How would you say 850000000000000000 in words?
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How do you say 'salty' in Spanish?

To say 'salty' in Spanish, you would say 'salado' for masculine words and 'salada' for feminine words.

How are antonyms different than synonyms?

Antonyms are words that are the opposite of other words. If I say "different" the antonym would be "alike". Synonyms are words that has the same meaning as other words. If I say "different" a synonym would be "various".

How would you say yes in 6 words?

Dang Diggitty Of Course I Can ( Yes that is 6 words)

Words that have a u in it?

Some would say that the letter 'u' has no rivals but the letter 'n' would say otherwise

How do you say 6.23 in words?

In words, 6.23 would be six and twenty-three hundredths.

Do you say 'this are really inspiring words' or 'these are really inspiring words'?

You say, "These are really inspiring words," because "this" (without are) would be only used describing one word (singular). "This are" is incorrect. "These" on the other hand, would be used describing words (plural).

How do you say 24.32 in words?

I would say "twenty four point thirty two".

How do you say 0.015 in words?

Most people would say "fifteen thousandths". It would not be wrong to say "Point (or decimal) zero one five".

How do you say 'very true' in Korean?

To say the words very true in Korean you would say maeu sasil.

What bad words are in assassins creed brotherhood?

They say words such as the f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, etc., but these words are only spoken in Italian. So as to say f*ck, they would say "cazzo" and sh*t would be "merda".

How do you say no one can understand me in Japanese?

The way that you would say no one can understand me in Japanese is ________________. If you wanted to add the words but you to the end of no one can understand me, you would say _______.

What is the easiest word for cockatiels to say?

Even though they can say words,cockatiels aren't the best for saying words , but would be better at whistling tunes. Cockatiels would be most likely to say something they have heard over and over.

How would you say 100000000 in words?

One hundred million.

How would you say 602 in words?

Six hundred and two

How would you say 700000 in words?

Seven Hundred Thousand

How would you say 4.110 in words?

Four and eleven hundredths.

How many words do you say in your life on average?

You would never know , I'm sorry to say

Does Debby Ryan say bad words?

No Debby would never say rude words cuz shes a role model for young children.

What is the proper way to write the words Mom and Aunt in french?

If you wish to say My Mom you would say "Ma mere." For my aunt you would say "ma tante."

What words mean the same thing as replica?

=I would say clone=

How would you say the number 1000000 in words?

Like this: One million.

How many words are in the son of neptune?

I would say about 5631-6000

How would you say 3.620 in words?

Three and sixty two hundreds

How would you say 0.903 in words?

Nine hundred three thousandths.

How would you say 1090000 in words?

one million ninety thousand