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Let's assume that \/" is the radical sign.


The first thing to do would be to solve for the part under the radical.

\/"16 = 4

Then substitute that into the original problem.



12 is the final answer.

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Q: How would you simplify a problem like 3 radical 16?
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How do you simplify 1 over radical 3 over 3?

(1 over radical three) over three - I assume that's how you are describing it - can be simplified like any division problem involving fractions in the numerator and denominator. To solve the problem, you take the fraction in the denominator (in this case 3 over 1) and invert it (making it 1 over 3) and multiply it by the numerator. You would have (1 over radical 3) times (1 over 3) which would give you 1 over (3 times radical 3)

Why is it important to simplify radical expressions?

Simplifying radical expression is simply performing the operations in similar or like terms. This helps eliminate confusion and makes the equation simpler and easier to manage.

How do you Simplify 5n3 plus 7n?

The problem doesn't make sense that you just said. You would have to use algebra. Use the inverses to cross out the variables from each side. Use the ones with like terms first. Then simplify. Calculators help with this type of problem.

What does the math term radical mean?

the radical is the thing that houses the number in the problem of a square root. A radical sign looks like a division house just with a tail on the front of it.

What is the meaning of the operation with radical expressions?

A radical number is a number with a decimal. so a radical expression would be like 5 raised to the 2.5 power.

How do you solve -r -10r?

You cannot solve an expression. You can only simplify it. Assuming you mean simplify, you do this by combining like terms. Since both terms have an "r" in them, you simply add the coefficients together. Example: 5x + 2x would be 7x Example: -3y + 8y would be 5y Example: -2p - 4p would be -6p You should be able to simplify your problem now.

How do you simplify a improper fraction?

You can simplify an improper fraction, unless the numbers are prime. Simplify it like how you would regularly, but don't forget that you can always turn it into a mixed number.

What to do if your dad is dating and you like their son?

Beat him to the altar; that way HE'S the pervert dating a relative, not you.On the plus side, it would simplify the problem of "whose parents do we visit during the holidays?"

What made radical Republicans radical?

They no like slaves

What makes radical expressions like terms?

Radical expressions are called like radical expressionsif the indexes are the same and the radicands are identical.

What does simplify the expression mean?

to simplify an expression means to take all the like terms and make them one. for example if the expression is 2x+5x+1x-4 , you would simplify it by adding 2x,5x,&1x because they are all alike... it would become 8x-4

How do you simplify the radical 3 sqrt 80?

Like this. Factor inside the radical. 3sqrt(2^2*2^2 *5) as you can see....4 *4 = 16 * 5 = 80, so you can bring both 2,s out and multiply them against the 3 2*2*3sqrt(5) = 12sqrt(5) simplified