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You don't need a number line or anything to round 148 to the nearest tent. It is already rounded to that degree (and more).

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Q: How would you use a number line to round 148 to ythe nearest tenth?
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How do you round the number 875 to the nearest tenth?

To the nearest tenth, it won't change. To the nearest ten, which you may have meant, you would round up to 880.

How do you round the number 50.243 to the nearest tenth?

You would round it down to 50.2

What number would you get if you round 423.85 to the nearest tenth?


How would you round 365873 rounded to the nearest tenth be?

The whole number 365873 is already rounded to the nearest tenth.

What does 19.89 round to the nearest tenth?

19.89 would round to 19.9 to the nearest tenth because we look at the hundredth column and if it is greater than five we round the tenth number up 1.

How do you Round 204.859 to the nearest tenth?

You would round the number up - to read 204.9

What is the answer to Round 920 to the nearest tenth?

If you were to round 920 to the nearest tenth you would still get 920.

How do you round up to nearest tenth?

to round up to the nearest tenth, you have to see if the number two places after the decimal is 5 or greater. so if it was 1.27 it would be 1.3 but if it was 1.23 it will be 1.2 rounded to the nearest tenth

When you round 78.8 what will it be?

If you are rounding to the nearest whole number, it would be 79. If rounding to the nearest tenth, then it would not change.

How would you round 10 to the nearest tenth?

it's already at the nearest tenth.

What is the round of 32.63 to the nearest tenth?

That would be 32.6 when rounded to the nearest tenth.

How would you round 153.86 to the nearest tenth?

to round you look at the number behind it. 5 and over and you round up. that would be 153.9