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Q: How would you write 0.52 as a percent?
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How do you write fifty two thousandths in decimal form?


What percent does 052 equal?

It is 52%

What is 5.2 percent as a decimal?


What is 13 out of 150 as a percent?

13/250= .052 *100 = 5.2%

How do you write .052 in scientific notation?

It is: 5.2*10^-2

How would you write 0.816 as a percent?

0.816 as a percent

How do you write one percent of a dollar?

You would write one percent of a dollar as $0.01

How would you write 0.6 percent as a decimal?

I would write 0.006

How do you write 0.093 as a percent?

0.093 would be 9.3 as a percent.

How do you write 17 percent as a decimal?

You would write it as 0.17.

How do you write eight tenths of one percent?

I would write it as 0.008

How would you write 4285 as a percent?