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I would write 0.006

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Q: How would you write 0.6 percent as a decimal?
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What is the decimal of 6 percent?


How do you write 06 as a percent?

.06 = 6%-

What is 6 percent written as a decimal?


What is 6 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

.06 and 6/100

How do you write 6 cents in decimal forms?


How do you write six one hundredths as a decimal?


How do you write 0.0006 as a percent?


What percent of 28 is 06?

It is: (06/28) times 100 = 21.43% rounded to two decimal places

How do you change 106 percent to decimal?

Not hard at all. To change a percent to a decimal, express the percent as a decimal and simply move the decimal to the lefttwo places:106.0% = 1.06

What is 1 fourth of six percent?

no that's just 6 divided by 4 plus you cant divide a percent by a fraction unless you convert both into a decimal. the answer should be .24 because if you convert 1/4 into a decimal its .25 and 6% into a decimal is .06. When you divide .06 (the original 6%) by .25 (the original 1/4 fraction) you get the answer of .24

How do you write six tenths as a percent?

It is 60%

How covert 6 percent to a decimal?

100% is equal to 1 so 6% is .06

What number would 6 percent be?


What is .0006 as a percent?

.0006 as a percent is .06%

What is six hundredths as a decimal?

.06 is the answer

How do i work out 66 percent of 3600000?

Every percentage point is 1/100th of 1. So, if you have a percentage number, move the decimal point two points to the left. 66 percent would be .66, 6 percent would be .06, etc., now to find a percentage of a number, simply multiply this number by the number you're trying to find the percentage of. For instance, 66 percent of 3,600,000 would be .66 x 3,600,000 = 2,376,000

What is 0.06 as a percentages?

If as a decimal it is 0.06 thats 06 percent of 1 meaning out of 100 it 6! hope it helped :) Bye

What is 6 percent of 4900?

For percent all you have to do is move the decimal place over two places on the percentage, so in this case 6 become .06. Then simply multiply the other value by the new value, so .06 * 4900 = 294.294

What is a better percent between 06 or 07?

If you are receiving 07 percent is better than 06 If you are giving 06 percent is better than 07

How to write 18-06-1990 in Roman numerals?

The date 18-06-1990 in Roman numerals would be XVIII.VI.MCMXC

How much is 26.00 plus 6 percent?

To get the answer you can multiply 26 by .06 since a percentage can be changed into a number to use in these problems by moving the decimal place 2 to the left. So 26 x .06 = 1.56, so 26 + 1.56 = 27.56



What is the decimal for 6 hundredths?


800 dollars invested at an annually compounded interest rate of 6 percent will be worth how much at the end of 10 years?

The equation is P=C(1+r)^t; where C is the money invested, r is the rate(change from percent to decimal form), and t is the time. So plug in the numbers to get: P=800(1+.06)^10 The answer is 1432.678, I would round it to $1432.68

What is 06 percent of 600000?

06% of 600,000 is 36,000.