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You don't need to include the zero unless there are numbers after it in a decimal.

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Q: How would you write 20 hundredths?
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How do you write 20 hundredths in a decimal?

20 hundredths = 0.20

How do you write 20 hundredths?


How do you write twenty hundredths as a decimal?

you write .20 which means the same thing as twenty hundredths

How would you write five hundredths?

It is: 5/100 or 1/20 in its lowest terms

How do you write 20 hundredths as a decimal?


How do you Write three and fifteen hundredths as a fraction.?

Purely as a fraction it would be 63 over 20.

How do you write fifty hundredths out of decimals?

To write out fifty hundredths in decimals, you would write it as 0.50

How would you write for hundredths of a decimal?

A hundredths is 0.01

How do you write 20 and 3 hundredths in a decimal?


How do you write twenty hundredths into percent form?


How do you write 30 and 20-hundredths as a decimal?

It is 30.20

Write 20 hundredths as a decimal number?