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Q: How would you write 60 days is less than 90 days using the less than symbol?
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How would you write greater than 60 days using the greater than symbol?

90 days &gt; 60 days.

How would you write greater than 30 days old using greater than symbol?

&gt;30 days old

How do you write the Japanese symbol for days?

It is written as &#26085; - according to Google translator.

How do people those days send messages using pigeon?

Back then They would train the bird to go a certain place. Then they would write the message and tie it on to their foot.

How did People communicate in ancient days?

people use to write letters and give to postmans or in more ancient days they would write carvings on stones.

Can you write a sentence using ailing?

Yes-- The woman was ailing due to her serious illness and the tragedies of days past.

How long does it take to travel to Saturn using a rocket?

it would take approximately 45.94 days using a jet

Can you write a sentence using the word of economy?

The economy is so bad these days, who knows if we will go into another Great Depression.

What does a tulip symbol mean?

In the days of the Ottoman Empire it became a symbol of abundance and indulgence.

What is the main symbol of the Days of the Dead?

It is the skulls.

How many months are in 70 days?

Different months have a different number of days. (ex. 30 &amp; 31) if you are using 30 days then it would be 2 months and 10 days.

Can you write a sentence using monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday?

all days are bad except for friday

Write a program in c using switch statement that takes month number as input and displays the number of days in that month?


How did they write back then?

Type your answer did they write in they write in the olden days

When were ww1 soldiers allowed to send letters home?

most days they would write but I don't know when or if they would have been sent

How do you write a date using the Julian calendar?

I believe, though not entirely certain, that you add all the days of the year that have passed so far, so if it was february 1, that would be 032, then add a backslash and the Julian year.

Can you get pregnant 2 days before you period if you are on the pill and using protection?

I would say it is 98% unlikely to get pregnant 2 days before you period while you're on the pill and using protection.

How many days it took Thomas Jefferson to write the declaration of independence?

it took him 7 days to write it,

How do you say after two days in french?

To write 2 days after you should write deux jour apr&egrave;s ............

How do you write a sentence using the word terminal?

Martin knew the dog would die when the vet told him that the disease was terminal. The airport terminal looked like a camp, because the snow grounded flights for two full days.

Can you write a sentence using the word a?

You are a hilarious person.A tree stood beside the house where I grew upI am a great artist.There are seven days in a week.

How to write sentences on water pollution in sanskrit?

Water pollution become a very serious topic now a days

How long would you have to wait before you find out your pregnant using a pregnancy test?

7-10 days.

How many days did anne frank write in her diary?

554 days

How many months is 150 working days?

150 working days, excluding Monday holidays, would be 30 weeks. This is approximately 7 months, using an average month of 30.4 days.