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9 x 9

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Q: How would you write nine squared as a product?
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What is the value of the product nine squared?


What is nine squared divided by three squared?


How do you write a verbal expression for 9a?

The product of nine and a

What if master bed room size is nine by nine feet?

That would give you a total of 81 feet squared.

What is nine squared take away one?

I believe you are supposed to calculate nine squared, and then subtract one from the result.

How would you write a trinomial that can be factored with a pair of numbers whose sum is nine and product is 14?

The numbers are: 2+7 = 9 and 2*7 = 14

Nine yards squared is equal to how many feet squared?

Nine square yards equals 81 square feet.

How do you write square of root of three as a power of nine?

9 = 3 squared so root 3 is 9 to the power one-third.

How do you write nine thousandths in decimal form?

Nine thousandths would be 0.009.

How do you write 69.50 in words?

Sixty-nine point fifty is how I would write 69.50Or Sixty-nine point five

Does 3 squared equal 6?

No, three squared is nine. 3(squared sign) =3x3 =9

What value is -3 squared?