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The answer depends on the shape of the object. There are some objects whose volume you simply cannot obtain by calculation.

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Q: How you can use a ruler and some simple to find the volume of a solid object?
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How will you measure volume of irregular solid?

use a ruler to measure the lenght of each side of the object

How can the volume of a solid object such as a shoebox be measured?

measure with a ruler the length, width and height and multiply lxwxh

Tool to measure volume of regular solid?

If its a simple shape you can take measurements with a ruler, calipers or tape measure and calculate it. For simple as well as more complex shapes, if you know the material it is made from, you can work out the volume by taking the mass of the object and dividing by the density of the material, since; density = mass/volume If you don't know the density, then you can work out the volume by submerging the object in water, and measuring the volume of water that is displaced.

What is the voulme of a solid?

The volume of any solid object is the space it occupies.

What is capacity in geometry?

It is the volume - strictly the internal volume - of a solid object.

What instrument measures the volume of an irregular solid?

graduated cylindergraduated cylinderSubmerge your solid in a liquid the liquid volume displaced is equal to your irregular solid volume.

An object that has definite volume but indefinite shape is a?

Gas is an object that has no definite shape or volume. Solids and liquids have volume.

What volume is found by measuring length width and height with a ruler?

Volume of a rectangular solid. V = lwh

What are you finding if you measure the space that a solid figure occupies?

You are finding the volume of the solid figure.To find the volume of a solid figure, depending on the size of the object, you can use a graduated cylinder. You can fill the cylinder up to x amount of water and then measure the amount after dropping the solid into the water, and then subtract the amount before, from the amount after, to get the volume of a solid. You can also use simple mathematics to figure the volume of the solid. There are different formulas for calculating volume for different types of solid figures.

How do you find the volume of a solid object?


How do you calculate the volume of an irregular object?

The volume of a solid object such as a rock or pebble can be determined by submerging it in a liquid in a graduated cylinder or other container. The difference in the volume of the liquid is the volume of the object.

What tool do you use to measure the volume of a rectangular solid?

A ruler or tape measure.