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Q: Hw longcan a person live breathing 4 times a min.?
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What is the purpose of rescue breathing?

When a person has stopped breathing and can not breathe on his own, rescue breathing (or Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation) is given to try and saved the persons live (in addition to CPR and/or defibrilation).

Why cant a person live without lungs?

Because lungs are what make you breathe, and without breathing we would die.

What is the importance of breathing?

To live

Can you stop breathing and still live?


Can cockroaches live without breathing?


How do hydrilla live inside water?

they live by breathing under water

Why is oxygen important to the respiration?

Breathing to live

Can you live with out oxygen?

No. You can hold your breath for a certain amount of time, but you still can't live without breathing. Please do not try to stop breathing for this experiment.

What is a good explanation for breathing out and in?

To live and if you are not breathing cant eat and if dont eat you do not poo and if you do not poo you die

How do wild orchids live?

by breathing carbon monoxide.

What cow breathing?

All live cows breath.

How many times does the average person say I am?

depending on how long they live for but anaverage persons' live would normally say "i am" around 100 000 to 200 000 times