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The diameter is 39.98 cm

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Q: IF the circumference of a circle is 125.6 centimeters What is the diameter of a circle?
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If a circles radius is 20 inches what is the circumference?

1256 inches ++ Another Answer ++ The formula for finding the Circumference of a circle is C = Pi x D where D is Diameter and Pi is 3.1416. The Radius of a circle is one-half of the Diameter, hence the Diameter of a circle with a 20-inch Radius is 40 inches. Using the formula above, multiply 40 x 3.1416 to find the Circumference: 40 x 3.1416 = 125.664 inches.

What is the radius of a circle whose area is 1256 square centimeters?

Radius: square root of (1256/pi) = 20 cm rounded to nearest integer

How many centimeters are there in 1256 meters?

125600 centimeters in 1256 meters Also helpful 100 centimeters are in one meter

What is the radius of a circle if the area is 1256 square meters?

Area of a circle = pi*r2 1256 m2 pi * r2 1256/pi = r2 sqrt(399.797) = r = 19.99 meters ==============Could call this 20 meters in radius.

Find the circumference and the area of a circle with a radius of 20 m?

Area = Pi*r*r3.14*20*20=1256 aboutC=2*pi*r2*3.14*20=125.6 about

What is the circumference if r equals 20yd?

(20 X 20) X 3.14 = 1256 yards Pi = 3.14 Circumference = 1256yd

How do you calculate the amount of fabric needed for a 40 ft circle?

area of a circle is calculated using the formula a=(pi)r2 where a is the area and r is the radius of the circle. so:if the diameter(distance from one edge of the circle to the other that passes through the mid point) of your circle is 40 feet then you would need approximately 1256 square feet give or take a couple square inches.if the circumference (length around the edge of the circle) of your circle is 40 feet then the over all area is 127.38 square feet.

Find the area of a circle if the radius is 20 in?

1256 inches squared

Where pi is 3.14 find the area of a circle with a radius of 20cm?

1256 cm2

What is the diameter of a cylinder when height is 13m and the volume is 1256m3?

Diameter = 11.09119147 m Volume = pi*5.5455957372*13 = 1256 cubic m

What is the largest factor of 1256?

The largest factor of 1256 is 1256. The largest proper factor of 1256 is 628.

How would you find the radius of a circle when the minor arc angle is 190 degrees and the sector area is 662.89?

Another answer:- Total area of circle: 360/190 times 662.89/1 = 1256 rounded to the nearest integer Radius of the circle = square root of 1256/pi = 20 rounded to the nearest integer

When was the Greek period?

1256-1256 bc

What is 1234-1256?

1234-1256 = -22

What is the roman numeral for 1256?

1256 = MCCLVI

What are the Roman Numerals for 1256?

They are: 1256 = MCCLVI

What is 1256 in Roman numerals?

They are: MCCLVI = 1256

What is 1256 percent of 3656?

1256 percent of 3656 can be represented in mathematics as :1256 / 100 * 3656 . Then, 4591936 / 100 is equal to 45919.36 is 1256 percent of 3656.

What year was constellation Pegasus discovered?

1256 1256

What is 1256 plus 4189?

1256 + 4189 = 5,445

What century is 1256?

1256 was in the middle of the thirteenth century.

What are the proper factors of 1256?

The factors of 1256 are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 157, 314, 628, 1256.

What is 10000 plus 1256?

10,000 plus 1256 is 11,256

What are the factors of 1256?

The positive integer factors of 1256 are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 157, 314, 628, 1256

How many kilometers are there in 1256 meters?

There are 1000 metres in one kilometre. Therefore, 1256 metres is equal to 1256/1000 = 1.256 kilometres.