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Q: IS IT SAID since the last 4 years?
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How many days did War Hawks say the War of 1812 would last?

they said it would last 4 years

Is it true that scientist have only come to accept and use the scientific method in the last three or four years?

False. But it would be true if you had said the last 3 or 4 HUNDRED years.

Who won world cup in the last 13 years?

The last 3 winners of the FIFA World cup are: 1998 - France 2002 - Brazil 2006 - Italy The world cup is only held every 4 years.

What game will be after Roller Coaster Tycoon 4?

let alone rollercoaster tycoon 4 hasn't been released from last 6 years since the release of RCT3

For how many years does a president last?

4 years

How old was Bella when she had her last Christmas in forks?

In Twilight, Bella Swam moves to Forks, Washington. She is 17 years old but she had not spent a Christmas in Forks since she was 4 years old.

You are being sued by Midland Funding LLC you were wondering if this is legal to do since the credit card they are suing you over has not been used in over 4 years you live in Texas?

its is 7 years since last payment made on the credit card

Last king of Portugal?

Manuel II it last for 4 years

How many years 4 score would be?

Since score is defined as 20, 4 score is 80. I am assuming by 4 score you mean 4 score years (as opposed to 4 score seconds, minutes, etc.). Since 4 score is 80, 4 score years is 80 years.

Can you get a cdl license in Texas after 4 misdemeanor DUI convictions if it has been 22 years since the last one?

You can get a CDL... but nobody will hire you with a record like that.

Why are you producing milk after 4 years after last child and a tubal ligation?

My youngest is 13 and I still produce milk, but it is yellow to black. I talked to my OB and she said it was ok.

Who was the president that said 4 scored and 7 years ago?

Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg address - its four score (nor scored) and seven years ago - referring to the time passed since the American revolution