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Q: I f you are a vetranihave 2 honorable and 1 dishonorable discharge are you entitled to anythingbenefits etc?
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Does an honorable discharge superseed a previous dishonorable discharge?


Can you own a firearm with an other than honorable discharge?

You cannot own a firearm with a dishonorable discharge, which is the most severe discharge there is. However, a "less than honorable" is not the same as a "dishonorable" discharge. If the discharge resulted from a court martial, and the service member was convicted of a crime that would be a felony (punishable by a year or more in prison) then you should consult an attorney for legal advice.

How long do pay benefits continue after a general or honorable US military discharge?

Military pay ends on the date of discharge, for honorable, general under honorable, general under less than honorable, and dishonoralbe discharges. There are no residual benefits for less than honorable or dishonorable discharges.

Do dishorably discharged airman receive medical benefits?

you lose access to any potential benefits with a dishonorable discharge, HOWEVER, you CAN apply to have your discharge upgraded to other than honorable, general, honorable etc.

What is the oppositeof honorable?

The opposite of honorable is Dishonorable.

What is the antonym for honorable?

The antonym for honorable is dishonorable.

Can you be a police officer if your military record is under other then honorable?

If you have an other-than-honorable discharge (general or dishonorable) from the military, you are generally ineligible for a law enforcement job.

Could you get va medical for service connected injury with general under honorable condition discharge?

usually you are entitled to benefits as long as you do not have a dishonorable discharge that voids your benefits

Does a navy person who received a less than honorable discharge still receive a flag?

Yes, but not for members with Bad Conduct/Dishonorable. Members with and OTH (Other Than Honorable Discharges) are still eligible and can receive a burial flag. There are no laws that prevent someone from purchasing and draping a casket with a flag however one will not be provided military honors by the guard to fold and present it to the next of kin if you have a dishonorable discharge. You must have at least an Honorable or OTH discharge.

What does dishonorably discharging mean?

It is dishonorable discharge, and it means a soldier did something bad according to military law. They are released from the armed services with a lifelong blemish on their work record. an expulsion from the ranks of the military as the result of a general court-martial procedure See related links for information about the reasons for a dishonorable discharge.

What does dishonor?

A dishonorable discharge is when a person in the army is discharged (Fired, or removed) for reasons that are not honorable, such as breaking a rule. An honorable discharge is when a person in the army either resigns for good reasons or is told to leave the army for safety, age, or other reasons. If a person is dishonorably discharged, he/she will not get as many benefits.

What is the positive and negative of word of honor?