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it means u got -17 mistakes

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23/40 = 57.5 %

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Q: I got 23 out of 40 on a test what is the percentage?
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What is the percentage of 23 out of 40?

23 out of 40 as a percentage = 100*23/40 = 57.5%

What is 23-40 as a percent?


What is 23 over 40 as a percentage?

23/40 as percentage = 23/40 x 100 %= 57.5%It is: 57.5%

How do you estimate percents?

using an example of a school test: in this test you got 40 out of 60. to determine the % you got, you divide 40 by 60 then multiply by 100 to get the percentage. this roughly works out to 66%

What is 23 40 as a percentage?

Around 58%

How do you convert marks into percentage?

Take your mark and multipy it by 100. Next divide by the amount of marks your test is out of. For example, if you got 38/40, then divide by 40, 38 times 100=3800. Then 3800/40=95%

If you got 23 out of 40 what is the percent?

If you answered 23 correct out of 40 questions, your percent correct is 57.5%

You got 90 on a test that has exactly 40 questions how many questions did you get wrong?

A test score of "90" represents the percentage of correct questions. Multiply this percentage by the total number of questions and you will have the number of questions correctly answered. Subtract this from the total to find answers wrong. 90% of 40 questions = .90 x 40 = 36 questions right. 40-36 = 4 answers wrong.

If you got 3 questions right out of 40 what is the percentage you got right?


A person got 27 out of 40 what is their percentage?


What is the IQ test based on?

The IQ test is based on how many questions you did, and how many of those you got right. Example: 50 questions on the test, you ANSWERED 40. They take a small percentage off because you didn't finish all of them. So out of 40, you got 30 right. That's a 75% But they would take off because you only finished 40 out of the 50. So your final score would be around 70%. HOPE THAT HELPS! XOXO!

12 people out of 30 got a B on there test what percentage of people got a B?

Simplify the 12/30 to 2/5 (divide numerator and denominator by 6) 2/5 is equivalent to 4/10 or 40%

What is the grade of a test that had 40 possible answers and you got 28 right?

28 out of 40 is 70%

What would your grade be if you got 13 questions wrong out of 40?

If by grade you mean percentage, you would have scored 67.5%. 40-13= 27 (27/40) * 100

What is the percent if 26 question were wrong out of 40 question on test?

40-26=14 questions answered correctly. 14/40=.35 Therefore the percentage of the test would be 35%

What is the LY percent in blood test?

LY - is the lymphocyte count or percentage. 20-40% is normal

How do you do mathematics to get the percentage of your grade?

Take the number of questions you got right and divide that by the total number of questions. Then times it by 100. ex. You got 10 questions right out of a 25 question test. 10/25= 0.40 x 100 = 40%. That's pretty bad!

What percentage of questions were answered correctly if you got 10 wrong and there are 40 questions?

10/40 wrong means 30/40 correct 30/40 = 75% correct

How do you determine per cent?

You take a fraction (e.g. if you got 36 out of 40 in a test then the fraction would be 36/40) and multiply it by 100 (e.g. 36/40 x 100 = 90 so you got 90%).

How many questions was on a test if you scored 85 percent and got 34 correct?

40 questions

What is your score if you get a 40 out of 50 on a test?

It's an 80% score. That's a D- unless a grading curve is used.

What is the mass percentage of each element in the compound sodium hydroxide?

Molar mass Na: 23 g/mol O : 16 g/mol H : 1 g/mol Total NaOH: 40 g/mol Mass percentage %Na: 23/40 = 57.5% %O : 16/40 = 40% %H : 1 /40 = 2.5%

What is the percentage of 40 percent?

The percentage of 40% is 40% as it's already a percent. On a techincal side 40% is 40% of 100%.

What is 35 out of 40 as a percentage?

35/40 as a percentage = 35/40 * 100 = 87.5%

What percentage is 40 of 220?

40 as a percentage of 220 = 100*40/220 = 18.1818..