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You should get a math tutor it helps a lot the teacher will help you with what you don't undestand. You can go to and check the free math videos, it may help you with your math classes. :)

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โˆ™ 2009-03-17 23:49:33
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Q: I hate math so what should i do?
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What the name of people that hate math?

Well you can't actually exactly know what the names of people who hate math are. But me personally me I hate math. I despise it. So yeah that's the answer for ya.

You hate math and science what should you major in?

Drama major.

Why did Einstein hate math?

Albert Einstein love math

Is it a sin to hate math?


What should you text a boy so he knows you hate him?

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What percentage of canadians hate math?

1,867,689,025 student hates math

Why does everybody hate math?

This is a stupid question not everybody hates math

How relevant is the use of math in everyday life?

Math is relevant to everyday life because we have to use it with most jobs that we have and you have to use it when grocery shopping. Math is very useful and you should learn it if you ever want to have a decent job. Personally, I HATE math but I know that I will need it everyday when I get older, so I have to do good and try hard in math even though i don't like it.

How can math be applied to Teaching? bout a math teacher lol i hate math but still lol you can be a math teacher

What is the fraction for 0.625?

5/8 Thanx so much for whoever put on this answer, I was about to DIE! I hate Math!

Why is math math?

Because it has to be named maths. It looks like you hate maths

Why do students hate math?

Not all students hate math but students that do it's because of a lack of interest in the subject caused possibly by poor teaching techniques that makes math boring and uninteresting.

Why people hate failed math?

People often fear or hate things that they do not understand.

Do bugs hate life?

I should think so

What does a histogram look like?

I hate math

What is 11x24?

the answer is 264 :) i hate math too

Is they hate math a correct grammar?


Which subject does Justin Bieber hate?


How long does it take to travel 111 miles by car?

I sure dont know I hate math i think its 88 p.s. I HATE MATH

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because she always knows when to hurt you and make you feel bad i hate her and so should you she is a bad person

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People are not nice, so I hate them. People are not interesting, so I hate them. Music is boring, so I hate it. TV programming sucks, so I hate it. Games are not fun, so I hate them. I am not intelligent enough, so I hate me. The world is hard, so I hate it. In short, this is why I hate everything.

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No it is not ok to hate blacks, they didn't do anything to you so why should you hate it? imagine if you were black and everyone hated you and you had no friends?! so no it is not okay!

Why you should do math?

so you can get a job and not die as a hobo

Why do kids hate math?

It's not natural for the human being to hate math, math is natural to be hated. All I can say is, I hate math too(and I'm only in 7th grade). I think a lot of kids hate math is because it's occasionaly challenging. It can also be very frustrating sometimes. Its unussual than the other subjects. Science, social studies, language art, you dont have to remember as much as concepts and computation as math. For example, in math you got addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division...these 4 are basic mathematics, without these 4 you cant do other math such as algebra. 3X3+9Y-4=236 requires all 4 of those methods. It's okay to hate math, but it is NOT okay to not use it. -- Math is too hard

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