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With 68 pounds of peppermint candies and small bags of candies of 14 pounds you can make at least three small bags of candy.

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Q: I have 6 8 lbs of peppermint candies and I make small bags of candies each 1 4 a lb How many small bags of candy can I make?
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What is the answer to this problem Harry is making gift bags for a holiday party using two types of candies He has a total of 84 chocolate candies and 56 peppermint candies Each gift bag he makes w?

28 gift bags, 3 chocolate candies, and 2 peppermint candies

How many Pumpkin Candy corns are in a bag?

The amount of pumpkin candies that come in a bag will vary by a few. Bags of candy are sold by weight only.

What are some common items found in birthday party goodie bags?

Birthday party goody bags typically have candy and/or small toys. It can be tailored to a child's specific tastes or to a theme of a party. Party stores often sell large bags of individually wrapped candies, which are very convenient for use in goody bags.

What is the two small ice candy bags in the lungs called?

in lungs

What are some uses for small paper bags?

There are many uses for small paper bags. One could use small paper bags for carrying small items such as candy, nails, crayons or miniature water bottles.

Milly bought 2 bags of candies they weighed 1.03 kg and 800 g how many kilograms of candy did she buy in all?

1.83 kg

How much was a piece of candy in the 1920's?

A piece of candy did not cost much in the 1920s. Back then, there were small mom and pop stores that had pieces of candy (similar to some candies we buy in bags today) in a display where you could choose one or two, or however many you wanted, and they would put them all in a small paper bag. There were plenty of choices for a penny and some were two for a penny.

What rhymes with candy bags?

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What candy is good for treat bags?

Well kids love candies, and kids also love chocolate. A good suggestion would be a couple of chocolate bars, and keep separate treat bags for kids allergic to chocolate.

Jessica is putting together small bags for each of her 9 friends as a holiday gift If each bag contains 4 pieces of candy which equation would describe n the total number of candies she needs to?

n = 4 x 9

Where can I find halloween treats bags?

There are many great places to buy cool bags for halloween candy. You can go to Target or go to any costume store to find interesting candy bags.

Do you have any suggestions for items to put in Halloween goody bags besides candy?

Goody bags can contain many items other than candy. Some good ideas to add to them are packages of raisins, small toys, and Halloween themed pencils and stuffed animals.

What is dulce y bolsas mean?

candy and bags

What are somethings do you bring on a birthday Party?

Piñata Drinks Cake Candy bags People Gift Plate Cup Small games Music

Where can one find cellophane candy bags?

Cellophone candy bags can be found at your nearest grocery store. The zip lock bags are plentiful and most likely rivals the cellophane bags found in store accessory shops located in industrial parks. The zip lock bags are not cellophane but serve the purpose of housing the candy and some of these bags have a white labeling embedding for a easy recognition of what is contained.

Where can I find some candy bags?

you can find the candy bags in the following stores for less and good.

What should I put inside halloween gift bags?

you can put many types of goodies in Halloween gift bags. The obvious choice is candy. You can also include stickers, small toys, or baked goods.

How do you evenly divide 232 candies into 60 bags?

You can't. 232 does not divide evenly by 60.

How can 8 friends share 3 bags of candy and what would the fraction be?

Each person will have 1/8 of each bag, and 3/8 from all bags of candy.

What are loot bags and what does they have to do with halloween candy?

Loot bags are what the Halloween candy are stored. WalMart is a store that sells many items online. You can purchase loot bags from WalMart and they will have it delivered to the store for free or to your home for a nominal cost.

What are some good ideas to stuff the Halloween treat bags with besides candy?

You could try small toys and fun sized cookie bags. Also small kids tend to like animal erasers, so you should try that too. The children will be fond of these.

Are loot bags the same thing as party favor gift bags?

Yes. Party favor gift bags are often refereed to as loot bags. They are one and the same. Both are bags of goodies that are handed out to guests at parties or special events. They can contain anything from candy and small prizes to special mementos or souvenirs of the event. Such bags are often referred to as swag bags, especially at red carpet events.

Where is it possible to buy candy bags?

Candy bags can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or a food packaging specialist, they come in many shapes and sizes and can be made from many different materials.

How many bags of candy does mrsjanet need to buy if each student will eat 0.2 bags and she has 22 students?

4.4 bags I think Mrs. Janet will have trouble buying .4 of a bag of candy. She should probably buy 5 bags. I'm sure it will get eaten.