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You have to find two numbers that when multiplied together equal 24 and when added together equal 11. The numbers are 1 x 24 = 24 (1 + 24 = 25); 2 x 12 - 24 (2 + 12 = 14); 3 x 8 = 24 (3 + 8 = 11). The recangle is 3 tiles wide by 8 tiles long.

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Q: I have a rectangle using 24 tiles.If I add the lenght and width together I get 11. How do I solve this?
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How do you solve - A rectangle has a width of 2y plus 3 and height of y-7. Find the perimeter of the rectangle?

Add together the lengths of each of its sides.

How do you solve v equals lwh?

The volume v of a solid rectangle is lenght x width x height v = lwh for example if l = 10 and w = 5 and h = 1 then volume = 10x5x1 = 50

How do you found the height of rectangle?

There is no "height" of a rectangle, unless it's a rectangular prism. Do you mean the length? If you have the area of the rectangle, the equation should be:A= L x WPlug in the area and the length and solve for the width, or plug in the area the width of the rectangle, and solve for the length.

How do you solve the area of a rectangle Suppose L is 0.8 plus 1.6 express the area function of L?

Area of a rectangle is length x width. It isn't clear what the width is in this case - or how you could solve for it.

How do you find the length of a rectangle when you know the area and breadth?

You take the formula for a rectangle, replace what you know, and solve for the remaining variable.

How do you solve Alicia has made a rectangle using 24 squares tiles if she adds the length and width together she gets 11 what is the length and width?


If a box of the rectangle equal 3 what is the answer?

More information is needed to solve this problem

What is the formula to solve for the area of a rectangle?

Make sure you know the length and width of the rectangle in the SAME UNITS ... both in inches, or both in meters etc. Then just multiply the two numbers ... Length x Width. The answer is the area of the rectangle.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 26 feet and tge area is 30 square feet What is the width of the rectangle?

Write two simultaneous equations and solve them. One for the perimeter, one for the area.

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 34 cm and the width is 5 cm how long is the rectangle?

Very hard question, It took me one hour to solve it. I think it is 0.12 m or 120 mm.

The length of a rectangle is 13.6cm the perimeter of the rectangle is 37.8cm what is the width?

Write an equation for the perimeter, and solve it. Remember that the perimeter is the sum of all four sides.

What is the perimeter of the rectangle with a length of 8 inches is 48 square inches?

You must first calculate the width, using the formula for the area of a rectangle (plug in the numbers you know into the formula, and solve for width). Once you know this, you can plug in the numbers in the formula for a rectangle's perimeter.

How can you know to solve angle in the hands of angle?

if it is 90 means that it look like its corner of a square or a rectangle.

How do you solve area of square units?

You solve the area of square units by multiplying the legnth and the width of the square/rectangle. For different shapes there are different formulas, but I just gave you the most basic one.

How do you solve perimeter?

For a rectangle, it is 2(l + w) l = length w = width

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What is the area of a rectangle in square centimetres if the perimeter is 46 cm?

If it is a rectangle and not a square there is not enough information to solve this problem for area. Perimeter is 2( B+H) = 46 Area = BH

How do you calculate the dimensions of a rectangle if you know the perimeter and the length?

A rectangle by definition has two pairs of sides with equal length. Since perimeter equals the length of all the sides. The equation for the perimeter of a rectangle could be thought of as: 2L + 2W = P Where L represents the length of one side of the rectangle and W represents the length of the adjacent (next to) side of the rectangle. If you know the length of one side and the perimeter, plug those values in as L and P and then solve for W. That will give you L and W which are the dimensions of the rectangle.

The basketball court at johnson elememtary school is in the shape of a rectangle. it is 92 feet long and 46 feet wide. what is the perimeter of the basketball court?

To solve this, simply add 92 and 46 together, then multiply the result by 2. The addition will result in 138, and the multiplication will result in 276 so the perimeter is 276

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