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Use tangent to find the other leg, and the sine or cosine to find the hypotenuse.

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Q: I have a right angled triangle which i know all the angles of. I have the length of one side which is adjacent to the right angle. How can I work out the length of the hypotenuse and the other side?
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What is the equation for finding the sine and cosine and tangent of a triangle?

For finding the angles in a right angled triangle the ratios are: sine = opposite divided by the hypotenuse cosine = adjacent divided by the hypotenuse tangent = opposite divided by the adjacent

Is there such thing as a right angled triangle?

Yes, there is such thing as a right-angled triangle. The measure of the adjacent and opposite form together to create a 90 degree angle. That means that the measure of the hypotenuse and adjacent must be 45 degrees and the hypotenuse and opposite measures to 45 degrees.

When does right-angle triangle have least hypotenuse?

When it is an isosceles right angled triangle: with angles that are 90-45-45.

Trigonometry if a right triangle has a 65 and 35 degree angles and a hypotenuse of 8 what is the adjacent angle?

The total sum of angles in any right triangle is 180 degrees. The total sum of angles in the question would amount to 190 degrees and therefore no such right angled triangle is possible.

What is the formula for sine?

Sin, Cos and Tan is the formula for sine. A right-angled triangle is a triangle in which one of the angles is a right-angle. The hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is the longest side, which is the one opposite the right angle. The adjacent side is the side which is between the angle in question and the right angle.

How do you determine which is the adjacent side of a right triangle?

There are three sides, hypotenuse, opposite and adjacent. But the adjacent and opposite are not fixed sides: it depends on which of the two acute angles you are examining.For either of the non-right angles, the adjacent side is the one which forms the angle, along with the hypotenuse. For the given angle θ, the length of the adjacent side compared to the hypotenuse (adjacent/hypotenuse) is the cosine (cos θ).

Real life examples of adjacent angles?

In a right angle triangle the adjacent angle is at the base of the hypotenuse and next to the right angle

What is the side adjacent to the forty degrees of a right triangle has a hypotenuse of 6 meters and one of its angles measure forty degrees?

The side adjacent to the forty degrees of a right triangle with a hypotenuse of 6 meters and one of its angles measuring forty degrees is: 4.6 meters.

What is the ratio of angles in right angled triangle when it opponent side is twice of its adjacent side?

Approx 2.39 to 1

How do you name a triangle by its angles than its sides?

An acute angled triangle, right angled triangle or obtuse angled triangle.

What are Trigonometrical ratios?

The ratios pertaining to right angled triangles are called trigonometrical ratios.They are- sine x = Opposite side/Hypotenuse cosine x= Adjacent side/Hypotenuse tangent x= Opposite side/Adjacent side Cosecant x= Hypotenuse/Opposite side secant x= Hypotenuse/Adjacent side cotangent x= Adjacent side/Opposite side Here, x is one of the angles in the trangle except the right-angled one.

A scalene triangle can also be an what triangle?

a scalene can be a right-angled triangle or a obtuse angled triangle or a acute angled triangle depending on the angles of the triangle.

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