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(US$ 199) - 45% = 109.45 U.S. dollars

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Q: I owe 199.00 dollars what is this minus the 45 percent?
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Why is 5 x -4 = -20 ? Think of it as money. If I have four dollars then that's +4. If I owe 4 that's -4. If 5 of us owe 4 that means 20 is owed = -20 dollars a PLUS times a MINUS is a MINUS. Accept it.

How does money have use in negative and positive numbers?

For example, if I have 100 dollars, I have a positive amount. If I have nothing, but also owe somebody dollars, I might say that I have minus 30 dollars. If you owe somebody money, you are worse off - you have less - than if you have nothing, but no debts.

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minus 151 If someone has $699 but spends $850 then they owe (minus) $151

How do you write an integer for this equation you owe your friend 19 dollars?

The integer number of dollars that you owe your friend is 19. A strange question!

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She said that they owe her two dollars for that book. I owe, I owe; so it's off to work I go.

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Is it true that your car can't be repossessed if it's more than seventy-five percent paid for?

Not true they can reposess even if you only owe 5 dollars

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The total cost is 58 dollars. An equal share is 29 dollars. You owe your friend 14 dollars to be even.

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We the United States of America owe a total of $13,048,885,524,238 dollars,and 38 cents

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