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Q: If i had 20 dolls and gave my bestie 3 how many will i have left?
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When Mary gave away 3 dolls from her collection. If she now has 18 dolls how many dolls she had before she gave some away?

She had 21 dolls.

If someone has a collection of antique dolls and she puts them into groups of 4 or 7 and has 2 dolls left over how many dolls does she have?

30 - I'm a maths teacher who cares

15 dolls divide in one third how many are left?


How many girls are in the pussycat dolls?

4 now that Jessica Sutta left3

Why did 5 of the pussycat dolls left the group?

they didn't but they thought that there were to many so they were kind of quit

How many people are there in the Pussycat Dolls?

There used to be six Pussycat Dolls, but now there are only five dolls because Carmit Bachar left the group because she believed it was unfair that no one got paid except for the lead singer, Nicole.

How many girls were in Pussycat Dolls?

In the the beginning there were 10 girls 5 left in a while so now there are only 5 left...

How many dolls are there in the world?

when we are kids we buy lots of dolls like when i was a kid i hade soo ooo many dolls..... when we grow up we throw all of the dolls andget electronic gadgets so there is no answer one day there would be tecnology to find how many dolls are there

If you had 9 pairs of shoes and you gave three of them away how many would you have left?

you would have six left

Why does your left cheek feel numb?

U gave to many blowjobs.....

Frank gave pete as many dollars as pete started out with pete than gave frank back as much as frank had left frank then gave pete as back as many dollars as pete had left which left pete broke and?

frank had 50 and pete had 30. frank gave pete 30. 20-60. pete gave frank 20. 40-40. frank gave pete 40. 0-80 frank is broke and pete has all $80.

You had 35 crayons and you gave 12 crayons to Brian how many crayons did you have left?

That's easy. 23 left

What are some collectible dolls found on eBay?

There are many different varieties of collectible dolls that are available on eBay. Some of the collectible dolls offered are cloth dolls, bisque dolls, porcelain dolls, metal dolls, wood dolls and vinyl dolls.

How many pages does Valley of the Dolls have?

Valley of the Dolls has 442 pages.

amelia has 1 dozen cookies and she gave away a quarter of them. how many cookies are left?


Theresa had 24 cookiesShe gave 1 6 to her sister and 3 6 to her motherHow many did she gave her sister?

she gave her sister 1and gave her mother 3 she have 12 cookies left

What is the ansewer to lidia baked 14 cakes She gave some cakes to her neighbors How many cakes does lidia have left?

If Lidia had 14 cakes and gave some cakes to her neighbors the number of cakes that Lidia would have left over is 14 cakes minus the number of cakes she gave away. If she gave away 8 cakes she would have 6 left. If she gave away 4 cakes she would have 10 left. So the answer depends on the number of cakes she gave away.

Where can one find more information about rubber dolls?

One can find more information about rubber dolls by going to the Collect Dolls website. The website has information on many dolls, including a variety of rubber dolls.

How many pages are in the book The Runaway Dolls?

there are 352 pages to the runaway dolls

How many Monster High dolls all together?

mabye about 3oo dolls

How many different Our Generation Dolls are there?

Although there are likely a number of dolls that have been available, it has been found that according to the Our Generation Dolls website there are currently 26 different dolls offered. Some of these dolls can be found at Target.

If Johnny had 500 apples and gave 371 apples to Amy then how many apples does Johnny have left?

Johnny has 139 apples left

How many bratz dolls are there?

There is actually like 100 dolls but that's including boys

How many monster high dolls are there including the 2 different sets?

There are 7 dolls

How many pages does The Dresden Dolls Companion have?

The Dresden Dolls Companion has 188 pages.

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