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Four days.

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Q: If 1.5 chickens can lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days how long would it take 2 chickens to lay 8 eggs?
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If one and a half chickens can lay a egg and a half every one and a half days the hou long will it take 3 chickens to lay 12 eggs?

4 days I believe.

How long can eggs stay in coop before gathering?

Eggs can safely stay in a coop for a couple days before gathering. The only danger would be for the chickens to break them inadvertently while they were flying around.

What was first eggs or chicken?

The answer is chickens,because eggs come out of chickens.So the scientific method would be chickens were first. Except that eggs were being laid a long, long time before chickens existed and eggs is listed first in the question.

How long do Chinese Ga Noi hens sit on their fertilized eggs for?

21 days from the date they remain on the eggs. Chickens will take a few days to gather enough eggs to make a brood. Once the hen has decided she has enough eggs she will set and remain on those eggs for 21 days plus a few extra days to hatch late eggs.

How long does the chicken sit on an egg for it to be chick?

The hen sits on the eggs for 21 days, and during that time, she turns them for 18 days. The chickens usually hatch at 18-21 days, but I've had chickens hatch at 21-25 days sometimes. The eggs have to fertilized, and not too old by the time she starts to sit. Make sure she is in a nice dry and warm place as well.

How Do chickens lay infertile eggs?

As long as there is no rooster around to mate with the hens, you will not receive fertile eggs.

How long can chickens stay in garage?

If the garage has no light (windows) then i wouldn't keep them in there that long. Maybe a few days as chickens need sunlight to lay eggs, and if you have a car in the garage then i wouldn't keep them in there at all. Chickens would prefer fresh air and some daylight so its not an ideal place to keep them, they also like wandering around the garden finding worms and insects. The garage cant give them this.

How long chickens take to grow when they are in the egg?

21 days

What time of year do chickens set on the eggs?

Chickens mate all year round, but are more apt to in the fall and spring when the temperatures are most mild.

Is Chicken a fruit?

yes, they drop eggs and eggs are like seeds so then a chicken is a fruit

yo what came first the chicken or the egg?

The egg. Dinosaurs laid eggs long, long before chickens existed.

How long do chickens live with no food?

Only up to 5 days at most