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10 feet does not equal 14 inches.

10 feet equals 120 inches, so five and a half feet equal 66 inches.

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Q: If 10 feet equals 14 inches how many inches will 5 and a half feet make?
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Related questions

How many inches in half feet?

Six inches make half feet.

How many inches can 50 feet make?

50 feet equals 600 inches.

How many feet does 54 inches make?

54 inches equals 4.5 feet.

How many feet can 30 inches make?

A foot is 12 inches. 30 inches divided by 12 inches/foot = 2.5 feet. 2 and a half feet

7 inches equals how many ft?

Since 12 inches make up a foot, 7 inches would make up 7/12 of a foot which roughly equals 0.5833 feet.

How do you explain 5 feet equals 60in?

12 inches make one foot, therefore 5 feet are 5 x 12 inches = 60 inches.

How many feet make 24 inches?

2 feet make up 24 inches

How many feet are in 53 inches?

12 inches make a foot. 53 inches in feet= 53/12= 4.42 feet (4 feet 5 inches)

How many inchea make one feet?

12 inches make a foot but i am not sure 12 inches make feet...

How many inches make a 5 feet?

5 feet= 60 inches

How many feet does 102 inches make?

102 inches = 8.5 feet

How many feet and inches make 169cm?

5 feet 6.54 inches.

71 feet is how many inches?

5 feet 11 inches It is almost 6 is 5 feet and 11 inches. One more inch would make it 6 feet.

How many feet does 48 inches make?

48 inches is four feet. (divide inches by 12 to convert to feet).

How much feet does 310 inches make?

To convert from inches to feet, divide by 12. 25 feet, 10 inches

20 feet and24 inches equals how many yards?

24 inches is equal to two feet, which can be added to 20 feet to make 22 feet.One yard is equal to three feet, therefore 22 feet is equal to 22 / 3 = 7.3 recurring yards, 7 and one third yards, or 7 yards, one foot.

How many feet make up 216 inches?

216 inches is 18 feet.

How many feet is 71 inches?

5 feet 11 inches It is almost 6 is 5 feet and 11 inches. One more inch would make it 6 feet.

What is 7 feet and 4 inches into inches?

They make 88 inches.

How many inches equal 2 yd and 6 in?

78 inches... a yard equals 3 feet. and a foot equals 12 inches.. so 12x3= 36in. in just one yard.. so in 2 yards tht would be 72in.. and plus the 6 left over would make 78 in. in total

How many feet does 55 inches make?

12 inches is equivalent to a foot. 55 inches is equal to 4 feet and 7 inches, or (to the nearest hundredth) 4.58 feet. :)

How many inches does 29 feet make?

348 inches

How much inches to make 5 feet?

60 inches...

How Many Inches Make 5 feet?

60 inches

How many feet make 30 inches?

2.5 inches