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About 32 meters. Each US bill is just over 6 inches long. 100 feet is about 31.5 meters.

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Q: If 200 dollar bills were laid end to end how many meters long would the line be?
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If a dollar is 15.6 cm long and 200 dollar bills were laid end to end how far would they reach?

15.6 * 200 = 3120 cm.

A dollar bill is 15.6 cm long if 200 dollar bills were laid end to end how many meters long would the line be?

this is the equation you should solve: 15.6x200/100 (you divide by 100 because there are 100 cm in a meter) this equation is the same as 15.6x2 (100/200=2), so the answer is 31.2 meters.

How long is 1 million dollar bills laid end to end?


If 1 trillion one dollar bills were laid end to end how many times would it circle the earth?

approximately 3898.1203799009 times

How far in feet is 1000000000 dollars?

Depends on what denomination of money you use: 1,000,000,000 one dollar bills is 1,000,000,000*6inches=6,000,000,000inches= 500000000 ft=94696.96 miles if laid end to end 200000000 5 dollar bills is 100000000 ft if laid end to end or if you could find 100000 very rare $10,000 bills its 50000 ft if laid end to end

How many times would a million dollars circle the earth?

Not even once. The length of a U.S. dollar is 15.6 centimeters. Laid end to end a million dollar bills would stretch for 156 kilometers or about 97 miles.

You know why I am happy?

Your bills are paid and you got laid.

If you laid the bills width wise how many would it take to equal the length of an nfl football field?

The whole team!

How many dollar bills layed end to end are there in a mile?

The Dimensions of a Dollar Bill are 6.14 × 2.61 × 0.0043 in (156 × 66.3 × 0.11 mm).There are approximately 63,360 In (1,609,344 mm) in a Mile. Therefore, we just take the mile, and divide by the length of the dollar bill.SO: 63,360/6.14 (inches) = 10,319.218241,609,344/156 (mm) = 10,316.30769It would stand to reason that there would be somewhere between 10,316 and 10,320 Dollars in a mile, laid end to end.

How many dollar bills laid end to end form a line one mile long?

31,680! because if you multiplied 5,280 because that is how many feet is in a mile! Then you multiply 5,280 by 6in. because 6in. is how long a dollar bill is! And then you multiply 5,280 by 6 and you get 31,680!

If each dollar bill printed was laid end to end they would stretch around?

The number of dollar bills printed each year varies a lot so there's no specific answer. As an example, 2,918,400,000 $1 bills were printed during the 2011 fiscal year. A standard US bill is about 6.16 inches long. That works out to a bit under 18 billion inches, or about 283,733 miles - long enough to reach the moon and loop around it several times.

How many dollar bills laid end to end form a line a mile long?

There are 5280 feet in a mile. Convert miles to inches so 5280*12 = 63360. Now you must find the average length, in inches, of the dollar bill. Take that number and divide it into 63360 and you will have your answer.