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if 37 divided by 1 divided by2 percent of a number is 24 what is the number?

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Mata Faka Ofa Ofa (Tongan)= "You have a pretty face" OR "Your face is beautiful"

Multiply the given number by successive counting numbers.

Ofa Guttenbeil's birth name is Ofa-ki-Levuka Louise Guttenbeil.

Ofa Guttenbeil goes by Baby O.

ofa atu means I love you. And alofa means love in samoan. i hope that helps! Alofa and Ofa are two very different words. Alofa means love. Ofa is not a Samoan word. That sounds Tongan.

Alofa tele ia te oe is Samoan, and it translates to "Love you very much". Ofa atu is Tongan, and I think it means the same thing. I know ofa in Tonga is love, but I am not sure of "ofa atu".

Ofa 'atu, but growin around my Tongan elders, this is the correct way, ofa 'atu!

it is actually "'ofa lahi atu" and it means "I love you very much".

'Ofa lahi atuo = love you heaps " 'ofa atu" is similar to "love you" in English, lahi means heaps/lots Other variations include: 'Ofa au ia koe (=I love you) 'Ofa lahi atu kia koe (I love you a lot / I love you heaps) My partner is Tongan and he tells me all the time ;) 'ofa atu means I Love You. buh im not shure what lahi stands for ? i dont think that is the correct saying. - im Samoan&Tongan

Fortunato Ofa Mbo Nchama is the Delegate Minister of Trade and Business Promotion in Equatorial Guinea.

It is inclusive, and very representative

the definition mean i love you !

OFA stands for Outfield Assist. Outfielder throwing a guy out at a base is considered an assist. Big stat for figuring gold glover award.

The phrase "Kou 'ofa au 'i ho sino" means "I love your beautiful body" in Hawaiian. //H

Ofa haert attack in 1997

ofa (love) ofaatu (love you)

An OFA (Order For Arrest) is basically a bench warrant. It is signed into motion by a judge, justice, or clerk and requires that the named person be taken into custody. The main difference between an OFA and a bench warrant is that an OFA may be signed for a debtor company or entity. In this case, an authority figure, manager, or owner of said debtor or entity may be arrested to speak for the company. Also, an OFA is generally used when there is not enough information on exactly how or where to arrest said person is available. For example, when it is determined that someone needs to be arrested, if there is no address information, or it is known the person resides out of state, an OFA may be issued instead of a bench warrant.

what fraction ofa years is 1 day

Ofelia Zakaryan goes by Ofa.

the head ofa nail is called "dead end"

the life cycle ofa deer i dont know

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