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Q: If 3 meters deep how many centimeter deep is the pool?
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The sign on the pool says its 3 meters deep how many centimeters deep is the pool?

There are 300 cm in 3 meters

3 meter centimeter deep is the pool?


How many feet deep is a 10x30 pool?

3.1 meters (3.0988m to be more accurate) or If the pool is 244 inches deep, then it's half way.

How deep is 150 meters in a pool?

A normal swimming pool is 25meters, an olympic pool is 50 meters.

How many liters in a pool which is 1.2 meters deep?

We need to know the length and the width as well

A circular pool is 3.5 meters deep and has a radius of 9 meters. What is the volume?


How deep is the diving pool at the 2012 Olympics?

6 meters

How deep is the swimming pool at the 2008 Olympics?

3 meters

How deep is a pool if it can hold 2500 meters3 of water and the pool is 25 meters long and 10 meters wide?

If it is the same depth everywhere, then V = lwd 2500 = 25x10xd d = 10 m that is a deep pool

How deep is the diving pool at the Olympics?

5 meters (16 feet)

How many gallons in 25 meter pool with 10 feet deep?

Assuming 25 meters is round. . . . 123449 gallons.

What is the volume of a rectangular pool that is 24 meters long by 12 meters wide by 6 meters deep?

1728 ft cubed