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Y = 20

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Q: If 400 divided by Y equals Y then y is?
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If four hundred divided by Y equals fifty then Y equals?

Y = 8 !

What is value of y when10 divided into y equals y?

y = 100

Y-b divided m equals x solve for y?

y = mx + b

How do you solve 3 divided by y plus 7 divided by y equals 9?

3/Y+7\Y=9 =>Y=10\9

If x equals 6 and y equals 2 then xยฒ divided by y equals what?

x2 / y = (6)2 /2 = 36/2 = 18

6 divided by 7 multiplied by y equals 3?


What is the value of y in the formula 'y divided by 9 equals 5?


What does y mean in the problem y divided 8 equals 9?


Y divided by 5 equals 3?

Y = 15 15 divided by 5 = 3

Is y divided by 8 equal 5 equal 40?

What does y eqaul to?for example y equals 8.So 40 divided by 8 equals 5.So if im right here then...Yes.

Why does y equals 2x plus 5 equals 2x-y equals -5?

Because all the terms have been divided by -1

What is the meaning of y divided by x equals 2 divided by 3?


How do you solve y plus 1 divided by 3 equals 2?


X varies directly with y and z x equals 400 when y equals 8 and z equals 10 Find x when y equals 10 and z equals 12?

x = 5.y.z so 5.10.12 = 600

How do you solve 65 divided by y equals 13?


54 over 6 equals 36 divided by y. What is the value of y?

54/6 = 36/y So, y = 4

Y equals 4 divided by x squared what formula is this?

Y = 4/x^2

What is the solution of the equation y equals 2x plus 10?

the answer is y minus 10 divided by 2.

What is 3X divided by 2 equals Y?


What divided by 9 equals 8?


If X divided by y equals 420 what is x and y?

You would need one more equation relation x and y to solve for both of them.

What is 5 percent of y if y equals 6500 divided by 5?

y = 6500/5 = 1300 5% of 1300 = 65

If 3 plus y equals a 3-y equals a then a equals y equals?

a = 3 and y = 0

What is y equals 8x?

y equals 8x is a straight line pasing through the origin (0,0) and having a gradient (slope) of 8 (i.e. gradient = "change in y" divided by "change in x" )

What is y divided by y plus 4 equals x?

It is a non-linear equation in x and y. The equation cannot be solved without further information.