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probably fourteen days, 16 days at most ?

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Q: If 7 men can do a certain job in 12 days then how long would it take 6 men to do the same job?
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A work crew of 3 people requires 3 weeks and 2 days to do a certain job How long would it take a work crew of 4 people to do the same job if each person of both crews works at the same rate as each o?

15 because one person needs 60 days so divde it by four and you get 15 days

If A can walk a certain distance in 40 days when he takes rest 9 hours each day how much long will he take to walk the same distance twice as fast and rest twice as long each day?

It's a wash. You're walking twice as fast, but you're cutting your time in half as well. So it would take the same 40 days to accomplish.

If it takes 21 men 18 days to paint a bridge how long would it take 9 men to paint the same bridge?

It would take 9 men 42 days.

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If it takes 6 tractors 8 days to collect the harvest. how long would it take for 18 tractors to do the same amount of work?

Assuming that they work at the same rate, then 2 2/3 days.

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6 tractors take 11 days to collect the harvest how long would it take 15 tractors to do the same amount of work?

4.4 days of work

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