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Q: If AE equals 8x - 3 and EC equals 6x plus 7 then AC equals?
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If AE equals 8x-3 and 6x plus 7 then AC equals?


If AE 8x- 3 and EC 6x plus 7 then AC?

AC is in the range (2x - 10, 14x + 4)

If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

If ac plus cb equals ab and ac equals cb then the point c is?

the midpoint of AB.

What kind of reaction is A plus BC รฆ B plus AC?

associative? single replacement

What is the property that says ab plus c equals ab plus ac?

associative property

What if any are the points of intersection of the parabolas of y equals x2 -4x plus 8 and y equals 8x -x2 -14?

If: y = x^2 -4x +8 and y = 8x -x^2 -14 Then: x^2 -4x+8 = 8x -x^2 -14 Transposing terms: 2x^2 -12x+22 = 0 Divide all terms by 2: x^2 -6x +11 = 0 Using the discriminant b^2 -4(ac): 36 -4(1*11) = -8 Therefore it follows that there are no points of intersection because the discriminant is less than zero.

If AC plus CB equals AB then point C is?

between A and B

Write duality of following boolean function A plus b equals ac?

if f :- a+b = ac then fd:- a.b = a+c

If ab equals 4x plus 8 bc equals 8x plus 4 and ac equals 18x minus 11 what are the following values x ab bc and ac?

Are you sure that the given expressions are right? Because we are dealing with complex numbers (a little bit work for this kind of exercise).ab = 4x + 8bc = 8x + 4ac = 18x - 11b = a/(4x + 8)c = b/(8x + 4) = [a/(4x + 8)[/(8x + 4) = a/[(4x + 8)(8x + 4)]c = a/(18x - 11)a/[(4x + 8)(8x + 4)] = a/(18x - 11) this happens only when:(4x + 8)(8x + 4) = (18x - 11)32x^2 + 16x + 64x + 32 = 18x - 1132x^2 + 62x + 43 = 0x = [-62 ± √(62^2 - (4)(32)(43)]/[(2)(32)]x = [-62 ± √(-1660)]/64x = [-62 ± i√(1660)]/64x = -62/64 ± i√(1660/4096) (64^2 = 4096)x = -31/32 ± i√[415/1024]Substitute -31/32 ± i√[415/1024] for x, and find the value of ab, bc, and ac.ab = 4x + 8bc = 8x + 4ac = 18x - 11

Is kcl plus hno3 equals kno3 plus hcl a single displacement reaction?

No, It is is a double replacement. AB +CD = AC + BD

Line be is the bisector of segment ac if ab equals 7 ac equals?


What is the following redox reaction classifed as Mg plus 2AgNO3 equals MgNO32 plus 2Ag?

This is a 'Sngle Displacement' reaction ( A + BC --> AC + B

What reaction is reaction AB plus C equals AC plus B?

This kind of chemical reaction is usually called "displacement" and sometimes "substitution".

Ab plus c equals ab plus ac?

Difficult to tell when you cannot use parentheses. a*(b+c) or a(b+c) = ab + ac This is known as the distributive property of multiplication over addition.

If triangle AC equals 6 and BD equals 4 find AB?

If AC equals 6 and BD equals 4, then AB equals 5.

What would a triangle look like if ab plus ac equals bc?

It would be a straight line of length bc

If we know that AB plus BC equals AC then what would be a conclusion?

You could conclude that B lies between A and C.

If AB equals 5 and BC equals 8 then AC equals?

ac is 7 if b is 3 and a is 2 a nd c is 5

Ac equals 16m and ab equals what m?


What type of reaction is 2Na plus 2H2O equals 2NaOH plus H2?

Single displacement reactions follow the form A + BC equals AC + B. Because the sodium and the hydrogen switch places, this reaction is considered single displacement.

What does AB plus BC equals AC mean?

If point b is in between points a and c, then ab +bc= ac by the segment addition postulate...dont know if that was what you were looking for... but that is how i percieved that qustion.

Al2 SO4 3 plus NaOH equals?

Al2(SO4)3(s) + 6 NaOH(ac) ---> 2 Al(OH)3 (s) + 3 Na2(SO4) (ac)

Triangle abc is a right triangle if ac equals 7 and side bc equals 10 what is ther measure of side ab?

The square root of 149 (7 squared plus 10 squared equals 149).

AC equals 3 AD equals 8 and CE equals 18?