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If C is 100 Ig is 50 Xn is -10 and G is 30 what is the economy's equilibrium GDP?

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Q: If C is 100 Ig is 50 Xn is -10 and G is 30 what is the economy's equilibrium GDP?
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In an open economy mpc is seven tenths and mpi is two tenths The economy is initially in equilibrium What is the effect on GDP of reducing net tax by 10 billion?

the multiplier is 1/(MPC+MPI) which in this case is 1/0.1 = 10 the net effect on GDP is 10 billion * 10 = 100 billion. this is under the assumption that government spending has not reduced by 10billion to cover the reduced revenue. If this occured the net change would be zero.

how to calculate gdp growth rate?

The formula for calculating GDP growth rate is: (GDP in current year - GDP in previous year) / GDP in previous year x 100% Here's an example: Suppose the GDP of a country was $1 trillion in 2020 and it increased to $1.2 trillion in 2021. To calculate the GDP growth rate for 2021, we can use the formula above: ($1.2 trillion - $1 trillion) / $1 trillion x 100% = 20% Therefore, the GDP growth rate for 2021 is 20%. This means that the country's economy grew by 20% from 2020 to 2021.

How can nominal GDP increase even though real GDP falls?

Primarily this happens because of increase in prices. Nominal GDP= GDP using current prices. Real GDP= GDP that takes prices changes into account. Let me give a very simple example, let's say: In year 1, the country produced 10 computers for 10 dollars each. So GDP for year 1= $100 In year 2, the country only produced 9 computers for 15 dollars each. So GDP for year 2 = $135 (9x15) In year 2,the nominal GDP has increased from $100 to $135. However, we measure real GDP using a base year, in this case year 1, so we use the price of year 1 to find the real GDP for year 2. Using prices of year 1 we have: 9 computers x $10 each = $90 of real GDP. Finally, you see that even nominal GDP for year 2 was $135, the real GDP was $90.

What are three equilibrium fractions to seven tenths?

1/10, 2/10 and 4/10 if at the same distance from the 7/10 will result in an equilibrium.

What will the country's GDP have to be in 10 years to maintain the current debt-to-GDP ratio?

$80 trillion

Can real GDP rise as per-capita real GDP falls?

It can if your population increases faster than your GDP. Imagine if you have a 6% growth in GDP but a 10% growth in population => a reduction of 4% in GDP per capita.

50 g of potassium chloride (KCl) are added to 100 mL of water. All but 10 g of the KCl dissolves. Which equilibrium situation becomes established in the resulting solution?

an equilibrium between dissolved KCl and solid KCl

What are the principles of equilibrium of force?

There has to be no force or energy between two objects to have equilibrium force. #kayleyjonas# age 10

How often is GDP calculated?

by how much peoples BMI is

Which continents has the most countries in the top ten list?

10 largest: Asia (4) 10 most populated: Asia (7) 10 richest [by GDP]: Europe (4) 10 richest [by GDP per capita]: Europe (6) 10 most densely populated: Asia (5) 10 most developed: Europe (6) 10 least corruptible: Europe (6) 10 by population growth rate: Africa (9) 10 by GDP growth rate: Asia (7)

What percentage of 10 is 1?

100*(1/10) = 10%100*(1/10) = 10%100*(1/10) = 10%100*(1/10) = 10%

What is 10 percent of a 100?

100 * 10% = 100 * 0.10 = 10Therefore, 10% of 100 is 10.