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Q: If I have 80 amp main fuse at distributional head feeding a consumer unit in a large 2 bed 2 bathroom flat can I add Aa 14.4 kW water heater to the system?
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Can an electric baseboard heater be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom?

Yes, an electric baseboard heater can be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom.

What is the regular price range of the average bathroom heater?

The cost will depend on the bathroom heater you intend to purchase. A simple plug in style space heater will range from $20-100 depending on the features.

Is it safe to use a space heater in a bedroom?

You need to get a specified bathroom heater for it to be considered safe.

Bathroom Heater?

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Where can one purhcase a bathroom fan heater?

One can purchase a bathroom fan heater at Amazon, Home Depot, Argos, Sears as well as a number of other stores. One good strategy is to read reviews to find the best type of bathroom fan heater and then try to find the cheapest price.

Can a gas water heater be installed in a bathroom?

yes there are direct vent gas water heater available Absolutely NOT

What is the best space heater according to Consumer Reports?

There are many good space heaters according to Consumer Reports. The best space heaters recommended by Consumer Reports would be the Lasko space heater brand.

Can a heater in a bathroom be dangerous?

Possibly. If it's a hot water radiator part of your home heating network, then no worries. If it is an electric heater, you run the risk of shorting the heater if the internals get wet. This damages the heater and can cause a shock. If you have a GFI plug in the bathroom (a plug with a little reset button on it) you reduce the risk of shock, but damage to the unit can still occur. If it is a gas heater, you must have good ventillation (an open window will not be enough) otherwise you will fill up the bathroom with exhaust fumes, making it difficult to remain alive for extended periods of time. Simply put, don't put an external heater in a bathroom.

What size water heater for 3000 square foot home?

what size water heater for 3000 sq ft 4 bathroom house

what safety tips i can use when using a 240V bathroom heater - CK20E?

stay away from clothing and make sure the electrical lines are supported,and its a well vented bathroom

Where can I find water heater guides?

You can go through the website called Consumer Reports to read up on a water heater guide. This site will have these and more there for your information.

Where should the supply for a 3kW immersion heater originate from?

junction box