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2 minutes and 10 seconds = 21/6 minutes or 13/6 minutes

350 words in 13/6 minutes = 350*6/13 words per minute = 161.5 wpm (approx)

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Q: If John reads 350 words in 2 minutes and 10 seconds How many words per minute did he read?
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How many words per minute can joe read is he reads 257 words in one minute and thirty seconds?

171.333 words

What is the unit rate for 500 words in 250 minutes?

2 words a minute. One word every thirty seconds.

How many words can an average person read per second?

The average person reads 200-250 words per minute so in seconds the average person reads 3.33 to 4.17 words per second.

Caleb types 100 words in 5 minutes what is the unit rate?

20 words a minute

What is the unit rate 1200 words per 30 minutes?

It is 40 words per minute or, equivalently, 1.5 seconds per word.

Which is most appropriate unit to describe the rate at which a person reads?

Words per minute

Is the most appropriate unit to describe the rate at which a person reads?

Words per minute

Words such as minute meaning 60 seconds and minute meaning tiny are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings are pronunciations how are these words are called?


How many words can a typist type in 12 minutes if she types at a rate of 70 words per minute?

it's a math problem, i think. 12 minutes * 70 words/minute = 840 words

How many words are required for a script to read 45 minutes?

I can't tell you in words, but I find that each page reads at about 2 minutes.

In 7 minutes p Pablo can type 49 words. what is his rate in words per minute?

The rate is 7 words per minute

How many words the wolds fastest talker can speak in one minute?

Steve Woodmore spoke 595 words in 56.01 seconds giving a speed of 637 words per Minute, Sean Shannon spoke 266 words in 23.8 seconds giving a speed of 655 worrds per minute. As the question is how many words per minute then Steve woodmore is the one that can actually talk for a minute

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