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Z= -1

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Q: If Negative 9 times z plus 4 equals Negative 5 what does z equal?
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Related questions

Does a negative plus a positive equal a positive?

No it equals negative. (-)+(+)=(-)

What times what equals 30 and also equals negative 11?

Five times six equals thirty. Negative five plus negative six equals negative 11.

What does 1 plus negative 7 equal?

This equals negative six.

What does a negative 4 plus a negative 5 equal?

It equals -9

What does a negative decimal plus a negative decimal equal?

A negative decimal plus a negative decimal equals a more negative decimal

What does 3 times negative 5 plus 27 equal?

3*-5+27 equals 12.

What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

What does a -x plus equals?

A negative times a positive is negative.

Negative plus a negative positive?

nope negative plus negative equals a negative -2+(-4)=-6 but negative times negative equals a positive

What does negative 2 plus 5 equal?

It equals three

Does a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive or a negative number?

It could equal both a negagtive number or a positive number. To get a definite positive or negative you times or divide. Well in addition and subtraction negative plus a negative equals a bigger negative. Kinda like -4+-4 =-8, but in multiplication and division 2 negatives equal a positive. -2 times-2 =positive 4.

What does negative 4 plus 4 equal?

-4 plus 4 equals zero.

Negative plus negative equals what?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

In a number plane if x equals negative 2 y equals 9 and in the same plane another x equals negative 1 and y equals 7 what is the linear equation?

A suitable equation for that would be y is equal to negative 2 times x plus five

What is a plus times a minus?

Positive (Plus) times Negative (Minus) always equals a negative (minus).

What does a negative plus a negative mean?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

Minus multiplied by a plus?

Negative times positive equals negative.

What is 13 plus 12 times negative 6 equals?


What is negative 7 over 8 plus 3 over 4 equal?

it equals negative 1/8

A negative plus a negative equals a positive?

No. eg -9 + (-2) = -11 A negative times a negative equals a positive

Twenty seven plus negative tweleve equals what?

Seventy plus negative 12, or seventy minus 12 (same thing) is equal to 58.

What does an equal 14a plus 5 minus 8an equals -1?

negative 1

22 plus 3 times 7 equals?

22 plus 3 times 7 is equal to 43.

Negative plus negative equals?

A negative.

Does a negative plus a negative equal a postive?

No, a negative plus a negative is a negative