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2p = 4y - 12xy - 6x, 3q = 12 - 15y so 2p - 3q = 4y - 12xy - 6x - (12 - 15y) = 4y - 12xy - 6x - 12 + 15y = 19y -12xy - 6x - 12

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Q: If P equals 2y-6xy-3x and Q equals 4-5y find 2P-3Q and simplify your answer?
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How do you find the least common factor to simplify?

find the lowest factor that equals the numerator and denominator.

How do you simplify 4a times 3b?

The answer to 4a times 3b equals 1.3. You have to find the value of A and B.

Simplify 3X plus 2Y plus 6Z equals 24?

You can't simplify it any further than 3x+2y+6z=24, unless you have been given values of x,y and z or other equations to find x,y and z.

How do you simplify find a square root?

You can't.

How do you find ratios for prime and composite numbers?

simplify it

What is it to find the value of an algebraic expression?

to simplify!!* * * * *No. It is to EVALUATE.

When you simplify do you find the larger common factor?


How can you simplify fraction?

To simplify a fraction, you find a number that can be divided by the fraction you are simplifying. sometimes this does not always work and the fraction can not be simplified.

To find a specific numerical value for an algebraic expression?

Simplify !

Find the value of 2y-10 given that -3y-5 equals 4 Simplify your answer as much as possible?

y equals negative 3 because negative 3 times negative 3 equals 9 minus five equals four then that means 2 times negative 3 equals negative 6 minus 10 then u have to do keep change change making the question instead of -6-10 its -6+-10 which equals -16

How does knowing factors help you simplify fractions?

Knowing factors will help you find a GCF. To simplify a fraction, divide the numerator and the denominator by their GCF.

How do you simplify a multiplied fraction?

To simplify a fraction, find the GCF of the numerator and the denominator and divide them both by it. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.