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1 and 2/3 mile in 50 minutes = 5/3 mile in 50 min = 1/3 mile in 10 min = 6/3 mile in 60 min = 2 mile in 1 hour

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Q: If Sarah walked 1 and two thirds mile in 50 minutes how many miles per hour?
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If you travel 24 miles a day at an average speed of 36 miles per hour how many minutes would you travel a day?

40 minutes. 24 miles is two thirds of 36. Two thirds of an hour is 40 minutes.

You walked 50 minutes at 2.5 miles per hour how far did you walk?

You walked 2.083 miles in 50 minutes.

23 miles an hour for 3 miles takes how long?

23mph divided by 3miles is about 7 and two thirds minutes.

How fast are you going if you travel 238857 miles in 90 minutes?

Two-thirds of that distance per hour

If you walk 4 mph for 30 minutes how many miles have you walked?

2 Miles

How many miles can be walked in 20 minutes at a speed of 2.6 mph?

0.8666 miles.

If Lawrence walked twelve miles in 6 hours at a steady pace how far did he walk in thirty minutes?

If Lawrence walked twelve miles in six hours, he was walking two miles per hour. In 30 minutes he would have walked one mile.

How many miles have you walked if eight and two thirds laps equals a mile and you have walked 50 laps?

Divide your total number of laps walked by the number of laps in one mile. 50 laps walked / 8.3333 laps in one mile = 6 miles.

In 40 minutes how far wold you of got traverling at 45mph?

You go 60 miles in 60 minutes at 60 mph. It's two-thirds of that in 40 minutes. And three-quarters of that at only 45 mph. So your answer is 30 miles.

If Karen walked 3 miles in 48 minutes and rick walked on mile farther that Karen and it took him 1 hour and. 5 minutes to finish when walked the fastest?

I think it is karen

How much is 20 miles in minutes if walked in 5 hours?

20 miles in 5 hours That is 20 miles in 5 x 60 minutes That is 4 miles in 60 minutes Hence 4/60 or 1/15 miles per minute

How many minutes per mile is 2.4087 miles walked in 35 minutes?

Distance = Rate * Time Or, for our purposes..., Time = Distance/Rate Time = 2.4087 miles/35 minutes = 0.07 miles per minute ===============