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Five groups of five people. Simple math my dear.

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Q: If Twenty five students are to be divided into teams of equal size?
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When 36 students are to be divided in to teams of equal size how many different ways can the students be divided?

1 team of 36 students 2 teams of 18 3 teams of 12 4 teams of 9 6 teams of 6 9 teams of 4 12 teams of 3 18 teams of 2 and 36 teams of 1

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Can 100 students arrange themselves in 7 different teams if there are to be the same number of students on each side?


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25 students divide them into 3 or 4 or 5 teames what can i do in division?

Divide then into 5 teams of 5 students

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In volleyball, there are cyo teams and club (travel) teams. Club teams are divided into age divisions. The 12s division would be that of players twelve years and under.

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10 can be divided into 100 evenly, yielding 10. The group was divided into two teams.

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Relay Races:48 students participatingteams of equal sizemaximum team size: 6 students53. Mental Math what are the possible team sizes?How many teams would there be for each team size?Can somebody help me?

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yes they should

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