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Given: X+Y=500 and X-Y=300






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Q: If X plus Y equals 500 and X-Y equals 300 what is Y?
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If xz plus zy equals xy and xz equals zy then the point z is?

mid point of xy

Implicit differentiation of xy plus x equals 2?

It equals y+1

Xy plus7 equals yx plus 7?


If xy plus y equals z then x equals?

xy + y = z xy = z - y (xy)/y = (z - y)/y x = (z - y)/y

What is xy plus xy?

xy + xy = 2xy

What is being combined and what is being produced in the equation x plus y equals xy?

x and y are being combined using a binary operation called "plus" and the result is xy.

X plus XY equals 8 solve for Y?

x+xy=8 xy=-x+8 y=-1+8/x

What xy plus xy?

It is an expression in the form of: xy+7

If point x is between y and w then wx plus xy equals wy?


What property is xz plus zy equals xy?

It cannot be a property since it is not generally true!

What is xy plus z?

xy + z

If xy equals x or yx equals x what is y?

xy = x ÷x y = 1

Xy plus yx equals 545 what is the value of x and y?

xy and yx are identical so you have 2xy = 545 ie xy = 272.5. Possible answers 5 and 54.5, 10.9 and 25 etc

What is x in terms of y when xy equals 6x plus 6y?

x = 6y over (y-6)

What is the property for xy equals 1 xy?

That is the commutative property of equality.

What is the answer to this math question 3xy-xy-2y plus 5y?

That equals 2xy + 3y which factors to y(2x + 3)

What's is xy plus 7?

It is an expression in the form of: xy+7

Factor 2 plus 2y plus x plus xy?


What are the factors of xy plus x plus y plus 1?

xy + x + y + 1 = (x + 1)(y + 1).

Xy plus 7 equals 22 where y equals 3?

its 5 because if y is 3 then u have to ask yourself wat times 3 + 7 is 22

If XZ plus ZY equals XY then point Z must be?

between X and Y

If the measure of arc XY plus the measure of arc YZX equals 360 degrees and the arcs do not overlap then the arcs form what?

a circle

How xy plus x plus y plus 1 will solve?

xy + x + y + 1 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved.

What is the LCM of xy(x plus 1) and x(x plus 2)?

xy(x + 1)(x + 2)

If x equals 0 and y equals 1 what is the value of xy?

"xy" refers to the product of "x" and "y". Just substitute the variables for numbers, and do the multiplication.