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This is simply a matter of calculating the volume and converting to the proper units. The volume lost is 32x19x3 cubic inches. Then you have to find how many cubic inches in a gallon. You could try something like convert-me (See Related Link) or look up that there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon, so: V = 32 x 19 x 3 / 231 See the Related Link for "Convert-Me" to the bottom for the answer. Volume of the pool = Length * Width * Depth

32 * 19 * 3

1824 cubic inches

1 cubic inch = 0.004329004 gallons (US)

1824 cubic feet = 7.896104 gallons Source:

there is 7.5 gal per cu ft so therefore you are losing 1140 gl of water at a 3 inch drop

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Q: If a 32x19 inch pool loses three inches of water a day how many gallons of water is the pool losing?
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