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Q: If a and b are positive integers neither of which is divisible be 10 and if ab equals 10000 what is the sum of a plus b?
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Both a and b are positive integers neitherof them is divisible by 10 and a times b equals 10000 What are a and b?

10000 = 16 x 625

What is the rule in dividing integers?

The rule in dividing integers is to divide the absolute values. Two positive integers or two negative integers equals positive product. If one integer is positive and the other is negative, the product is negative.

What are three positive integers whose sum equals their product?

The first three positive integers, 1, 2, and 3, satisfy this condition.

When multiplying negative integers does it become negative or positive?

Negative times negative equals positive.

A posotive plus a posotive equals?

A positive... in basic math (integers).

How many positive integers equal 9?

1. The only positive integer that equals 9 is 9.

What is the rules for multiplication integers?

When multiplying integers, multiplying by the same sign will always produce a positive integer. Such as a negative times a negative equals a positive. If the signs are different then the product will be a negative.

What is the calculation to get 7-3 equals 124?

Find three different positive integers that sum to seven?

If AA plus bb plus cc equals dwhere a and b are consecutive positive integers and c equals ab then root d is what?

+/- 11

What does a divisible number mean?

There's at least two integers whose product equals that number. Basically a number that can be divided. If you can't divide by any integer and you'll only get fractions/decimals, it's not divisible.

What are the rules for positive and negative integers?

Positive(+) times a Positive(+) equals a positive(+). i.e. 8x3=24 Negative(-) times a Negative(-) equals a positive(+). i.e. -3x(-5)=15 Positive(+) times Negative(-) equals a negative(-). i.e. 8x(-8)= -64 Negative(-) times a Positive(+) equals a negative(-). i.e. -15x4= -60

What divide by what equals 102?

One example of such a sum involving positive integers is: 204/2 = 102

Is y equals negative one a function why or why not?

It depends on what the domain and the range are. If the range is the positive integers, then the mapping is not even defined.

Positive times a negative equals?

positive times negative equals negative. positive times positive equals positive. negative times negative equals positive

How many ordered triples of positive integers satisfy the equation a plus b plus c equals 6?

There are 6 such triples.

Negative divided by a positive equals?

A negative number divided by a postive number equals negative number . Remember the rules of division of integers : Unlike signs = Negative Like signs = Positive .

What is 12406 divisible by?

12406 is divisible by 2 which equals 6203

Is 4326 divisible by 2?

Yes any integers that end in 0, 8, 6, 4, or 2 will be divisible by two to get an even number but any number can be divided by any number it may not be an integer. 4326 divided by 2 equals 2163.

What is the quotient of two integers of 3.2?

It looks like you are asking what quotient of two integers equals 3.2 ; if that is the case, then: 3.2 = 32/10, which simplified is 16/5.

What equation represents the product of two consecutive positive integers that equals 110?

x^2 + x = 110. x(x + 1) equals x squared + x.

A negative times or divided by a positive equals a?

A Negative times or divided by a Positive equals a Negative A Negative times or divided by a Negative gives a Positive A Positive times or divided by a Negative gives a Negative A Positive times or Divided by a Positive gives a Positive Zero is neither Positive or Negative so anything times Zero is not Positive or Negative.

What does -8 x -4 equal?


Is 984 is divisible by 2?

yes 984 is divisible by two it equals 492

What are the negative and positive rules in math?

A negative times a negative equals a positive A negative times a positive equals a negative A positive times a positive equals a positive

What 2 integers when added equals negative three and when subtracted equals negative thirteen?

negative 8 and positive 5 (-8) + (5) = -3 (-8) - (5) = -13

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Both a and b are positive integers neitherof them is divisible by 10 and a times b equals 10000 What are a and b?

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