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An angle of 65 degrees is acute because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees.

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Q: If a angle measures 65 what is it classified as a acute?
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Related questions

What is an angle with the measure of 65?

It is an acute angle if it measures 65 degrees

What is an angle that measures 65 degrees?

an acute angle

What angle is 65 degrees?

A 65 degree angle is acute.

How does a 65 degree acute angle look?

Is 65 an acute angle

Which angle is 65 degrees?

An angle that was 65 degrees would be considered an "acute" angle. This is because it measures less than 90 degrees. Anything above 90 would be an "obtuse" angle.

which angle meaures 65 degrees?

acute angle

What angle in geometry is 65 degrease?

65 degrees is an acute angle

What is a 65 degree angle?

An acute angle

What kind of angle is 65 degrees?

It is acute

How do you construct an angle of 65 degree?

Use a straight edge and a protractor to construct an acute angle of 65 degrees

If angle abc measures 65 what is the measure of ADC?

It’s 295

How do you find the measures of a central angle?

If three central angles measures 65, 87, and 112, find the measure of the fourth central angle.

What is the measure of a base angle of an isosceles triangle if its vertex angle measures 65?

57.5 degrees

What shape is 65 degrees?

It is an acute angle. It is the angle between 12 and the minute hand when it is 10 minutes and 50 seconds after the hour.

How many triangles have the angle measures 30 65 85?

As many as you like but they will all be scalene triangles

What is the measure of a base angle of an isosceles triangle if its vertex angle measures 50?

Its 2 equal base angles will each measure 65 degrees

What angle is 40 and 65 degrees?

They are both acute angles because they are greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees

What angle is 65 45 70?

These are all acute angles. Any angle less than 90 degrees is an acute angle, and any angle greater than 90 degrees is an obtuse angle. 90 degree angles are called right angles. 180 degrees is considered a straight line, and 360 degrees is considered a circle.

What does a 65 degree angle look like?

It's hard to explain without visual representation. But imagine a 90 degree right angle. Okay, it makes an L, now image a 90 degree angle a little more acute (smaller than 90) that in sense is a 65 degree angle.

What is the compliment of 25?

Complementary angles total 90° . If 25° is one angle then its complementry angle measures 90 - 25 = 65°

What is the value of x in the parallelogram below angle 115 degrees angle 5x degrees angle 2y plus 7 degrees?

Not too sure of your question but if one angle measures 115 degrees then the other 3 angles are 115 degrees, 65 degrees and 65 degrees because opposite angles are equal.

Can a right triangle have two angles that measures 25 degree and 65 degree?

Yes and the 3rd angle would be 90 degrees

What agle is 65 degrees?


The complement of angle is 25 degrees what is the measure of the angle?

90 - 25 = 65. The answer is 65 degrees.

Is a triangle with sides 45 cm 50 cm and 65 cm acute or right?